Damn the Torpedoes, All Speed Ahead! Folks, We MUST Hunker Down For Two Weeks! Again!

Damn the Torpedoes, All Speed Ahead!

Grant’s siege of Vicksburg. Farragut is best known for his victory at the Battle of Mobile Bay in August 1864, during which he commanded his fleet to ignore Confederate defenses in the harbor, famously proclaiming “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!”

Good knowledge is good thought to Use! But the worst Damnable Thing about the Pandemic Situation Today is Our Own Ability NOT to Use Good Information Correctly. Our Greatest Problem Today is Our Inability to Be as Adaptable as Covid–19 is. Instead of being rational in thought and action, NO!, we are behaving to the largest degree with ILLOGICAL thinking, using poor Judgement, and taking the Wrong Actions.

Instead of Everyone putting Life on Hold again for Two Weeks, we are blasting away at Full Speed.

Damn the Torpedoes, All Speed Ahead!

I’m at a state of complete Confusion! The States or Cities are announcing that a person who is a Healthcare Worker with Covid but Asymptomatic DOES NOT NEED TO ISOLATE, but wear a 95 MASK and Get Their Butts to WORK. Dang! Are we to the point that All Rules are being Tossed Out? Yes, we are! We are now doing the unthinkable. But do you Agree? Look it up, I ain’t making this Shit UP! I read it twice TODAY on Real News Media and not Bogus Crap.

They are saying Everyone will be getting Covid. Well then, wouldn’t it be easier to engage in full disregard and Line-up everyone and Give them, all of 🇺🇸, each one of us an infection Injection? Let’s stop the Misery. The Grief. Get it over all at one time. Most will live while others will die. Sound thinking? No, no way!

But why isn’t it more correct to Shut it Down for Two weeks? Get ahead of the Virus again. Maybe even Beat it. And at the end of Two weeks and during the Isolation period, all Wear a Mask. Wear a Mask. There is No Doubt that wearing Masks did have an impact on the number of infections of Flu and Covid in the Past. Flu was at its lowest level last Winter.

We dropped wearing Masks and Flu is on the Rise and so is Covid. Doesn’t Matter which Covid it is, It still is Covid. But Wearing a Mask has come under some of the must Stupid Attack Wearing a Mask Justifications that go all the way back to Medieval Times. Man has regressed in his thinking ability with each passing month of the Virus. And more nincompoop Advice still keeps coming out from every direction. Marching Orders that are foolish to Follow. But here we go again.

The Pandemic is Raging like a Bat Out of Hell. But we are still treating it with Kiddie Gloves. And WE ARE LOSING! Sure, most won’t Die, but too many Will. I’ve been to the Funerals of four Friends that Died of COVID. And I pray for their families each day. But so many haven’t experienced the Death of a Friend or Family member or Child yet of Covid. And because of that, they don’t see the Virus or this Pandemic as anything more than a plaything. Something that affects you, but not Them.

But Damn it! We Can Beat it! One Two week Period of Hunkering Down at Home and Four Weeks of wearing a MASK. It’s doable and won’t Kill anyone. But it will help Beat this fast Traveling Virus and

Give Our Health care Workers a safe Return to Normalcy. Help Hospitals again!

The Healthcare Workers and Hospitals are heading to Full Collapse.

Houston is already in the Declared RED!


And people are still not getting it. But Money and keeping the Money and Having Money is more Important than Beating a Virus?


Lol, our own lunacy is driving this Turnip Wagon. But when don’t we all get it. Get the Way to Fix this in No Time? We can beat this Damn Virus but Two Divisive Foxes are Running Wild in Our Hen Houses. And you know Damn Well what those Two War Horses are running completely Wild with their Tails on Fire. Neither willing to Halt to see Reason and both quick in Raising their Banner Flags instead.

This is where ALL LIVES MATTER! For the good of Our Country. We do it as a People without Government Control or Input!.

WEAR A MASK, SAVE YOUR LIFE were the Headlines during the Spanish PANDEMIC. But Our Headlines are DO YOUR OWN THING!

And when will we Fight this Pandemic as Powerfully as it is Spreading? We can do this in a real, her rational manner.

  1. We wear a MASK for Four Weeks.
  2. We Hunker Down for Two weeks beginning at the same time we begin Wearing Our Masks Again.

We do it as a Unified People of Red, White, and Blue. As we know how to do and Can Do. And let the Media pissy moan about it. For A Month, can we NOT Run to the Media with Crazy, Bat Shit Tales of Hey, I saw a Church meeting wearing Masks and the next Week, they were all Dead. Died from wearing a Masks!

Folks, I worked wearing A MASK for 15 years dealing with Coal and that crummy Coal Dust. And I do not have any Lung ailment because All of us wore 95 MASKS. But instead of accepting that information, too many are shooting Arrows through the Truth about Wearing a MASK. Liars and Hypocrisy to the Next Level of a diseased mind.

But forget the past and Let’s Beat this Covid on Our Own! Starting Monday January 17, 2022, Let’s all Hunker Down and Wear a MASKS AGAIN. And if you CANNOT Hunker Down, Please be Brave enough to Wear a MASK for 30 days. And we can Beat this Covid!

Damn the Torpedoes, All Speed Ahead!