Insanity or Great Brinkmanship?

Putin’s Next Move on Ukraine Is a Mystery. Just the Way He Likes It. You need to read it for yourself. What do I think? COLD WAR all over again. Gonna offer some cheese and wants NATO to Dissolve their Resolve. Russia and China are Monsters of their Own Leader’s Design. Russia wants all of the Countries that left the Soviet Union to return to Mother Russia, she has fresh Milk in her Titties. But it’s a Trick. And Putin loves the Vanity News when he’s in it.

Until those parked weapons move out of their Parking Lot, it’s all for show. But if NATO caves in, Russia will Attack then. NATO is the only thing that keeps Russia in place. But Putin loves talking about Using Nukes all the Time.

And Nukes used on the EU would not be something that the World would sit back for…..No more NUKE USE is the only way for a Future.

A few moments after the talks were declared “deep” and “concrete”, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei A. Ryabkov warned that failure to comply with Russia’s demands could threaten “the security of the entire European continent.”