Fidel Castro Ideology is apparent in the U.S. Senate

“You Accepted ANTIFA burning down your cities….with them taking back OUR HOUSE!” what an incredibly ludicrous statement. All of these people in Politics and spending Big Amounts of Money did many things in a real attempt to screw Democracy and actually destroy it. And there is No Hiding from your Own Ludicrous Actions when they speak Volumes of what kind of real person you really are and What you really Believe. They believe in Fidel Castro Politics and Ideology. The Record YOUR RECORD speaks for itself. And yet, these damn Liars keep brandishing backwards as if they are some sort of cool people. You represent people that want a Trump Dynasty. Just like feeding into a Fidel Castro Takeover. Period! Most Americans and Texans Don’t want to have nothing to do with illegal, criminal methods of keeping Trump in Office. And yet, Texas’s Own Cancun Cruz led the Charge. I’m thinking it should be in place that No First generation of Immigrants can be in Political Office. We thinking that they got too much of their parents ideology in them like Fidel Castro Methods are Okay and they used them!

Yes, they most certainly did…

Somebody sure looks like somebody else don’t they?

After two years in jail for mounting a failed coup, he went into exile in Mexico. He returned in 1956 and his revolutionary movement took hold. Castro finally assumed power in Cuba on New Year’s Day, 1959, after ousting Fulgencio Batista.

This same shit almost happened Here!

People need to WAKE UP! And smell the Roses!

More Cuban than American?