Putin given “Green Light to Murder” anyone he wants…Kazakhstan is in a Nationwide State of Emergency!


180 day freeze on Fuel Cost was announced. Only 5% of Internet is Running and being severely monitored. But look what’s Coming to all of you!

Russian Weapons waiting to be Airlifted. Don’t worry. Russia is gonna show you how a Civil War gets a big boost…it’ll be y’all vs Russian Military.

Man, when you need to clean house and Kill anyone you wish, just Call Putin! Mr. Murder himself!

Kazakhstan President Speech-

Dear Compatriots!

Once again, I appeal to you to show prudence and not to succumb to internal and external provocations, the euphoria of rallies and permissiveness. Calls to attack premises of civilian and military agencies are absolutely illegal. This is a crime and legal punishment may follow.

Power will not fall. But we need mutual trust and dialogue rather than conflict.

I appeal to young people: do not ruin your life path and life of your loved ones.

All your legitimate requests and demands will be carefully taken into account, appropriate decisions will be made. A special meeting on all these issues will be held tomorrow.

I count on your prudence. Now your well-being and the place of our country in the modern world are at stake.

Oh, by the way, I’ve Asked Putin to send Russian Paratroopers with a Special Kill’all Plan.

President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said on Friday he had ordered security forces to open fire without warning in order to quell Kazakhstan’s worst unrest in decades, thanking Russia and its allies for their assistance in restoring order. The Thug Leader of Kazakhstan raised the Price of Fuel there by tripling the Price and the citizens Protested it. The Thug Leader started all of it. And they Protested a few Days that scared the Thug Leader and he Called Vladimir de’Dracula Putin for his Blood-Letting help. And Putin sent in the Paratroopers equipped with Live Bullets to Kill’em All. Kill anyone found in the Streets doing anything.

Kill’em All! Russia to the Rescue and there is word of thousands more coming as the Thug Leader now wants to be once again included back into Mother Russia and forget being a brighter Our Country.

Even as Russian paratroopers from the elite 45th Guards Spetsnaz Brigade landed in Almaty, deadly gun battles raged in the streets deeply into the night, according to video from a BBC correspondent on the scene.

Way to go, Thug! A Den of Thugs!

This same thing happened in Syria when that Thug Leader called Putin to find out How to quell the Protests there that led to a Bloody Civil War. This one may do the same too.

Putin and thousands of Russian Troops won’t be leaving anytime soon. The entire Government of Kazakhstan RESIGNED! So Thug Leader and Putin will create the New Government which will include being Welcomed back into the Russian Stranglehold. But will the People let their Citizens be Killed for doing nothing? Maybe Putin will kill all Detained or put them in Siberia.

Folks, this is a Complete Stalin Style Crackdown!

For Protesting the Tripling of the Cost of Fuel? Wouldn’t you too? Will Putin decide to Murder all those thousands of Detained? Thug Leader gave him permissions to Kill Anyone!


“What negotiations could there be with criminals and murderers? We had to deal with armed and trained bandits and terrorists, both local and foreign. Therefore, they need to be destroyed, and this will be done in the near future,” he said in a televised address.

He said that more than 20,000 bandits with “high combat readiness and animal-like cruelty” had attacked Almaty alone.

Folks, when all the Troops get there, the Thug Leader plans an all out Killing Feast! A whole lot of Folks are going to Die! Or imprisoned in Siberia. Over 20,000! Russia will need to send 50,000 Troops and Will! Russia has cleared the Airport for round the clock flights of Troops and heavy weapons.

Several other cities are restoring domestic flights but rail and road transportation remains limited due to dozens of check points set up as part of Nationwide State of Emergency.

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