National Guard being Treated POORLY on Texas Border Wall Duty!

While Governor Abbott Beats his Chest as being the Border Savior against Immigrants!!! But at what Cost? The ARMY TIMES has taken Great Notice to the Mistreatment of these Brave men and women in Our Texas National Guard Soldiers Ordered sent there by Governor Abbott. Mistreatment of any Soldier is an Injustice that must be Addressed! And getting all the Border Ranchers to Agree to file Criminal Trespass on all illegal Immigrants is a move that really surprised me. Did the Cartels Agree? And the Texas National Guard arresting Immigrants really surprised me. I was a Soldier once and I know I couldn’t Arrest brave men and women coming to America seeking a better life for their families and themselves. I once worked on a Texas Ranch with Vaqueros and the majority of their money, THEY SENT HOME across the BORDER. I thought that was incredibly good of them.

But Border Issues have now entered the Political Game thanks to Trump and his spewing out Lies painting them all as Criminals. And Abboott has picked up Trump’s BORDER Shitty Stick and keeps waving it as his Own.

Heads Must Roll!

How can anyone horribly Treat our Brave Warriors so Sadly? WTH?

And What’s with the Texas Legislated Mandated BUDGET Cost Reduction to all Monies in Texas, Budget for What? So the Political VOTE IMPROVER $3 Billion Dollars the Governor is burning up on His continuing building of Trump’s Border Wall CAM STILL HAPPEN? WHILE OTHERS SUFFER?

Folks, the Wall is a Joke! It’s a China Wall that doesn’t Work! Immigrants are going thru it, under it, and Over it! And the New Talk of making it have Electrification Added to it to severely SHOCK any one or anything that touches it is where Insanity has just met more Insanity! It’s all Insane Talk!

Texas slashes Guard benefits while spending millions to expand border mission

Such a terrible way to treat Our Brave men and women…they said the Wall would be completed in Two Months! Ain’t it been Two Months already?

But the Texas National Guard, in its effort to comply with a legislature-mandated funding cut of five percent, has gutted its tuition assistance benefit to balance the books, according to budget documents available online and an email announcing the changes obtained by Army Times.

Before the cuts, the state offered $4,500 in reimbursement per semester to virtually all Texas Guard troops who were working full-time towards their first undergraduate degree or their first graduate or professional degree. That cost the state just over $3 million combined in fiscal 2020 and 2021, which pales in comparison to the $300 million that the Texas legislature authorized to fund Guard troops on the border in fiscal 2022 and 2023.

Who authorized $3 Billion from the Texas Budget used on Trump’s Border Wall? Did you?