Trump and His BLOOD OATH BIG LIE ALLIANCE is the ONLY reason 66% of some Voters believe the Election was a Fraud. No, it wasn’t! Only Liars with alternate Reasons said and keeping saying Election Lies! With One Big Tuna as their Source of Impeccable Lies, the very best Lies using the Office of the WH as a Shield to fend off those Messengers who brought out the Truths.

And I do believe it’s heading to Court. TREASON isn’t a Big Lie! It’s a felony in Our Court System.

But what’s Trump doing Next? I mean his Next Job? Keep milking his Devoted Payees? Or a Prison Suit? He has caused a whole lot of whimsy crybaby junk. Wasted a whole lot of money that others have paid for. But if you believe him, that’s on You! I don’t and won’t ever. The man didn’t even have the courtesy to have a routine handover of Power.

And in the last President Jimmy Carter Opinion about Democracy, President Trump was left out completely with no acknowledgement of him ever have been a President and not seen as an Ex-President by the other Presidents…