All Americans were Attacked on January 6, 2021. We are One United Country!

A dark force arose out of the bowels of Hades and did their Damn Best to Destroy Our Democracy. They Attacked Our Capital. OUR CAPITAL! No, not the Capital of Russia or China. OUR Capital.

Through an Attempt to Keep an Illegitimate President in Office. A man filled with the Greed of Money. With the Greed of Power! His own Lust for Power could not be met by a Regular Presidential Election. No, he and his Hellish BLOOD OATH BIG LIE ALLIANCE did partake in an Act that even Today is beyond all comprehension that a normal man and woman sees. But see it, WE DID!

And now thru the Bravery of a single January 6 Congressional Committee with members from both Parties, the actual FACTS, not the Broadcasted Lies, the Ugly Picture of What and Why America watched Our Capital Police risked their Lives protecting Our Precious Democracy. And people Died on that Day. The former President of the United States keeps Barking Lies because of his own Bruised Ego. 81 Million VOTED to Kick that Man out of Office. 81 million had Lost their Trust in him.

Political Trickery now rests in the future of America at the State Level where How Americans VOTE can be changed regardless of the Will of the Voters in their States. OUR Vote in many States has now been Twisted! The Truth has been Twisted where Our Democracy is now At Risk. OUR Votes may mean Not a Damn Thing like those in Banana Republics. And the Lies keep flowing out of the Mouths of those that refuse to Tell the Truth!


January 6, 2021 was one of the Saddest Days I have ever Witnessed. And hopefully for you too. People who Lie about How Bad it was SHAME ON YOU! SHAME! SHAME ON YOU I SAY! Our Democracy was almost DESTROYED! Completely dismantled!

By an Ego Maniac!

By a man who juggles the Books to defraud Banks and those he has gotten Loans from…loans thru deceptions. Untruthful means! And yet, you Love him to the Point that many Worship the Man. How pathetic this love-lust is. Shame on you loving a False god!

But now hear what you may now Hear from people who Care about all of 🇺🇸! Hopefully you will hear the Truth. And most importantly, may each of us Speak the Truth to Our Children. To our Grandchildren! And Quit these Big Lies that are spewing out the Ass of one man and his Hellish BLOOD OATH BIG LIE ALLIANCE.

The Capital Rioters were actually Shitting in the Halls of CONGRESS. OUR Halls! Shutting on All of 🇺🇸! On all of us!

May God Protect all of 🇺🇸 and Our Democracy! And shame on those who wish for a DICTATORSHIP here in Our Great Country.

Hold all Responsible for January 6, 2021 accountable to the full extent of the Law!

Our Legitimate 46th President of the United States-President Joe Biden