I picked up my E-Newspaper and the Headline was-




Trump Kids leave the Country!


Sidewinder Slim

And I read the following-

  1. Trump Kid’s Refuse to Appear for Subpoenas.
  2. Judge sets their Bail at $100,000,000 each.
  3. They jump into Daddy’s Jet and fly to Saudi Arabia.
  4. Don’t Worry, I’ll take care of this, kids.
  5. When they arrive, they both are Arrested.
  6. The next day. U.S. Marshals arrive.
  7. The Next Day. They are flown to New York.
  8. They go to Trial. And both get 15 Year Prison Sentences.
  9. Don’t worry Kids, I’ll take care of this. After all, you both have Executive Privilege.
  10. Trump appears in Court and Repeats this to each Question-Been too long, don’t remember.
  11. He never visits his Kids in Prison.
  12. Trump Trial Begins and He and his Kids are all found Guilty of Fraud and Racketeering. They all get a 30 Year Sentence each.
  13. Don’t worry Kids, at least we’ll have Free Meals.