The Pandemic won’t last forever

When the Pandemic is OVER, how will we be remembered? More importantly, How will you be Remembered? Nice or something afoul to smelling like pure Manure? Fresh Manure. Freshly Popped out of a Cow’s behind? Now, that’s pretty fresh won’t you Agree? And somewhere in between all of that, each of us fits. And it’s not too late to move your Remembrance can be moved over closer to the Nice. Remembered as Nice?

Damn well a whole lot of despicable things gave taken place since the end of 2019 till Today. And some of it is purely artificial crested by bots and algorithms. Thoughts were put into Our a heads all the time. It’s been the Sensory Overload of our Times. And Our Brains just aren’t wired to be able to take all of that information in at one time. Too much burns us out. And Baby, lots of Americans have been Burned out so badly that they Quit Work and Retired to a Couch Life. How they are making it is simple? They are living on their Retirements. And when those Monies run out, look out, it’s gonna be rough for millions. Past 40-50 years old and haven’t worked in years is gonna make that next Job more difficult to obtain. It’s not going to be easy to re-engage. But you’re not the type for Food Stamps either. Are you?

And Blacks and Latinos are just as frustrated as any other race of people during this Pandemic. And “NO ONE KNOWS” what’s coming Next. Another newer Variant that will cause Mass Hysteria and Panic? Who knows? But it sure won’t fix nothing if you stoke your own fears with unnecessary Worry. No, don’t do it. Don’t let that Fear enter your mind. Do the Things that you can do that makes you Happy! Cool some cookies. That is always a good choice with a good Movie.


We are All so tired of seeing Images like this of Covid. All of us want it Gone. We do…

But please remember that what you do today will not be forgotten by others when you let this Pandemic cause you to be the Worst Form of You. But try very hard to do the right thing. Be the bigger person and Apologize! It’s not going to Hurt you, but it might help someone else who already is being slammed by the negativity of others at the same time. They can’t stand more than what they signed-up for. Right? And did they Sign-UP for a Bad Form of You?

No, they did not. Everyone is having to deal with the Pandemic and not everyone is as strong as the next person. But that’s where each of us can help to pull a person feeling blue up from their Blues. Adding to the Blues of others is just not Cool. Let the negative words go. Don’t always try to win every fight or start them. Be Cool! Yes, be 😎!

I know this is Overused, but all of us must rethink