President Jimmy Carter, I believe to be the most Honest President We ever Had! His Words ring True with me! How’bout you?

Opinion | Jimmy Carter: I fear for our democracy

Everyone in 🇺🇸 has an Direct obligation to the Past, Present, And Future Americans in doing the Correct thing. At all times…these Times to me have proven that We have been living in a Nation that, Although quite Great, still has a Tremendous amount of Work to Fix America so all Americans feel included. Right now. I believe the very Rich are solely in charge of one Political Party and are running it to benefit themselves. These same Rich People have stoked all the Problems that we now have with us. Russia and China and North Korea all have Dictators that are causing all the Agitating Issues with other Countries. Putin and Saudi Arabia damaged the World Production of Oil where vast amounts of Costs were put back onto the Oil Companies. But Dictators are the most damaging Sources of Foul Play that exists TODAY.

And because of them, I find it morally incomprehensible that any single American would in any way aided and abetted an Overthrow of Our Government as did actually Occur on January 6. All who participated in the Assault on the Capital and those who tried to REJECT LEGAL Electoral Votes from OTHER STATES did in every way attempt to Keep an Illegitimate President in Office for four more Years. Their Actions are beyond anything reasonably acceptable to a normal person. Their Actions are straight out of A Socialist or Communist Takeover Attempt and nothing less… All of these schemers must be Held Accountable. They are not Above the Law and being Politicians offers them No Quarter from Punishment for their Actions.