North Korean Leader is Reminiscent of Mussolini!

He’s a Shadow. Or a Wannabe. But the man comes out saying His Country is Starving to Death and he Spends all the Money on Missile Launches as if that will Feed Fix the Country. There’s no way the Money needs to go to Missile Launches. He doesn’t Care who or How many Starve to Death. The Missile Tests Must Go On!

“The military environment of the Korean peninsula and the trend of the international situation getting instable day after day demand that bolstering the state defence capability be further powerfully propelled without a moment’s delay,” Kim was quoted as saying by the official Korean Central News Agency.

But his Justification is BULLSHIT! The only Instability in the World is

  1. China agitating Taiwan.
  2. Russia agitating Ukraine.
  3. North Korea agitating America.

And that is the Only Instability in the World. North Korean Leader is showing Deep State Disease which won’t stop until North Korea removes his little butt from Power. He’s not Divine! Wake-Up! Foolish Followers! Childish Followers! Remove HIM!

The Mighty Midget has to GO!