INSURRECTION II and “Y’all gonna have to fight like Hell Again!”

Does a Strange Parallel between Mussolini and Trump exist? It sure looks like it.

Election Fraud and Violence played a Huge Role in Allowing Mussolini to destroy Italy’s Democracy. Yes, they once had a Democracy too. With the support of his Rallies and Allies, Mussolini seized Complete Power and struck down Democracy with Assassinations of his Opponents. And his Stranglehold on Power was complete. His Political Allies and the Elite Rich allowed it to Happen with their full Approval.

Strangely, an extremist Alliance has been taking place all across America with the

Blood Oath Big Lie Alliance.

Will Assassinations of Opponents be in America’s future? I hope not and 66% of all Americans want America to remain intact. But there are 12 Million who want Trump put back in The WH even if it means all out Violence. And it doesn’t take 12 million to do that. LOOK at how nearly successful those Attacking The Capital were. It was 76% Successful. And with 24% more, all the Legislators or a good many might have been lying dead in the Ground and Six feet under. That last part is what many Americans fail to realize at how close the Crowd was to destroying Our Democracy and having successfully assassinated all Legislators.

“Hang Mike Pence” chants would not have stopped there if they had hanged Pence. Others would have been hanged as well. Most likely all of them. Mob Rule is a dangerous time and one that doesn’t follow logic. Hanging a Party Member makes no sense.

But let’s Ask this-Who and Why was Mike Pence targeted for being Hanged?

Pence was reminded on Twitter of the danger he himself faced during the violence, when Trump supporters chanted for him to be hanged as the then-president slammed him publicly for failing to overturn the 2020 election result.

Because you heard those chants,” Karl interjected. “That was terrible. I mean —”

“He could have(been hanged)— well, the people were very angry,” Trump responded. 

“They were saying ‘Hang Mike Pence,’” Karl countered. 

“Because it’s common sense, Jon,” Trump argued. “It’s common sense that you’re supposed to protect — How can you, if you know a vote is fraudulent — Right? — How can you pass on a fraudulent vote to Congress?”

Apparently, this near hanging of Mike Pence is still Okay with Trump and does he really think it would have been justified?

I know nothing, but many Fear the January 6, 2022 News Trump is planning to tell America. I think he’s going to announce his Running in 2024 and he’ll be like Jacob Marley from Scrooge carrying a Ton of Baggage. And will INSURRECTION II be another one? Y’all gonna have to fight like Hell again? For me…

But look very closely. There was a 76% Assassination Attempt on Mike Pence on January 6. They had the Hangman’s Gallows already built and in place with a Hangman’s Rope already attached. And so, this Act along with the Chanting “Hang Mike Pence” combined represents what?

  1. Planned Preparation took place.
  2. An Assassination Attempt? Or do you not say that? Cannot say that unless Mike Pence had been Hanged? Mike Pence had to be out on the Gallows with his neck in the Rope? At what point do you say an Assassination Attempt took place? Now, do you get the picture? It’s right there staring all of us in the face.
  3. They went looking for Mike Pence and were Chanting what they had planned for Mike Pence. But can we see it now for what it was?
Trump was sitting at a Dining Table in the WH watching the Insurrection taking place on TV. Really? The things he did next, if true, are simply completely irreconcilable(impossible to reconcile).
These will come out in the Committee’s Public Hearings…simply sad.