Are Americans becoming Governmentally Unmanageable?

Will that be the Excuse? Ludicrous Thoughts are bouncing off the Wall now and into our Social Media like a Hurricane or worse. And this whirlwind doesn’t have any place to stop. Many a fool thinks CHAOS is a great thing in an underling sea of human sewage. A good thing? Not in any sort of way. But this upheaval brings out the undesirables. Those that seek turmoil and Raping and Pillaging the System. They have nothing, want nothing, except to Mix up the Confusion and Chaos. And all they were looking for and needing and found wanting for was a Leader. A person that would unmask the cesspool of humanity that resides right here in America, as it does in the rest of the World. But we hide behind Democracy like it’s going to magically repair everything. And well, they damn well found not just one, but many brow-beaters willing to destroy for What? Just because they thought it might be Cool to see or funny to watch and help create the embers of that which are too foul and dirty and ugly words to even mutter. Words all true Americans are ready to fend off at a seconds moment. Or maybe not so much and we’ll all go away with another Basket of Hamburgers and fries or Pizzas. Anything to keep all of us Obese so not much real fight will be in us when it happens. Fat people are lazy people.

Damnable notions? Damnable Ideas. But credible concerns are now mustering out of the woodwork. But quit uniquely and out of balance Religious Leaders are preaching, as usual, to what their Congregations want to hear. Not teetotalling the hardline that is wrapped within the Scriptures. No, the congregations yawn and fall asleep listening to the same repetition of same sounding Sermons. So, they spruce it up with what’s Shocking and New and they follow the Social Media for Sermon Ideas. And they suddenly have the attention of their Congregation and they started the followings. But its not for the warmth of God. No, it’s to the very idea of How to cheat a little Chaos into each would be. And if it were to spread to a little blood here and there, then these Mockers of Bead Believers knew the Followers would indeed be coming back. To hear more of the same. More to bring their blood to the boiling point.

But to finally see Scholars of other Countries now finally analyzing all of 🇺🇸, it seems strange. And a foreseeable future? Our Future they see? But the more you read their findings, the more you might want to body-up to their attention and intensive Research. For those not living within our Borders to come up with the same results makes it even more realistic and more troublesome.

But is it too late to change the Future? To change what they forecast? The Religious Leaders are playing right into their hands of Destiny. Yes, preach what you read? Or is it simply too late like Climate Warming?

There are indistinguishable discerning items that all of us are starting to feel. Mostly from that strangeness before, during, and after the 2020 Election. You know. Let’s be real. We’ve all felt it. And it’s like the uneasiness of wondering if there is a rattlesnake under the table or one crawled under our beds while we slept and will it strike when you put your feet on the ground? Or a nasty spider floating down into your mouth while we sleep.

So America? If you want one to remain intact, what do we do about our little dilemma? This Take What Can Be Taken philosophy floating and drifting thru our circuit boards and races out The Wall Street Slot Machines with its Winnings like it’s their Job to Steal. No, it’s a massive Trick. The Market is mostly fixed. But what Most can not endure is the epitome of just waiting for it to come upon us all and just Happen. But what can we do to stop it? To endure the horrific? To let it all come to pass?

I hope not for all our sakes and for the Future.

And if you missed it, you really needed to read the Article near the Top. So, just click it and read it. It really is that important if a thing with such quite deplorable results. So horrific, I really don’t want to be around to see it come to pass. But it will if we allow it.