Starting in 2025, all NCAA Athletes on a College or University Scholarship at any time while playing a Football Sport or other Sport will NOT be allowed to enter the NFL DRAFT before completing their Senior Year. Individual Athletes leaving their School early for the NFL DRAFT will voiding their eligibility for the NFL DRAFT for one Year. After one year after leaving their respective School, they can then Apply for the NFL DRAFT. And they will not be allowed to reenter in a College or University Football Team once they announce their leaving. Those announcing their Leaving may continue with their College Studies while working on a Degree but are no longer Sports eligible.

But are they also discussing extending it to Any Sport where an Athlete opts out early for any Professional Sport? They too would be required to sit out an entire year. Basketball, Track, Golf and etc.

Not gonna happen! I won’t believe it until I see it.

Also skipping a BOWL Game or Games or Basketball Playoffs or Track or Golf or any other Sport while in their Senior Year is also an Automatic Sit Out Period for one year prior to joining into a Professional Sport.

Hey, they can’t do that. Does it matter which Team wins anyway?

The above is only being discussed, but seriously. Supposedly, over 6000 College Professors have Signed a Petition that Athletes leaving a year early for a Professional Sport must sit out an entire year before entering that Sport as a Professional? I don’t believe this rumor I heard. Did you Hear this too? Keep the College Brainy Folks out of Our Football Sports. Right?

Lunch or like getting only 75% Production out of your Hired Athlete. Let’s Call it their Education Penalty. I mean, seriously, who do they think they are? To penalize the School’s Money Makers? That isn’t fair. Is it? Professors don’t run nothing. Right?

What do you think? A good thing or not? But right now, Athletes leaving early some are saying have left a tarnished stain in the Halls of Education and Educators and Education feel betrayed? And do you see that? You feel that way too? It’s not hard to realize what is going on when two regular Students could USE that Scholarship of a single Sports related Scholarship. Yep, two for one. Two minority or Smart Students instead of one muscles individual. But everyone hates not seeing the Star College Athletes playing in a BOWL Game. Like College Loyalty is just a Joke. Good for the first three years and then throw it out like a rag doll.

Would it be fair? So, let’s take a peep at the BOWL GAMES right now. Texas A&M University had How many Athletes announce that they would not be playing in a BOWL GAME and were entering the NFL DRAFT? Along with Kenyon Green, defensive linemen DeMarvin Leal and Jayden Peevy, running back Isaiah Spiller, tight end Jalen Wydermyer, and defensive back Leon O’Neal, Jr have declared. Other, including Michael Clemons, are expected to do the same.

But these Educators don’t know what they are doing anyway. The Athletes and their God Given Talent is far more superior than all those with College Degrees. Right? If you’re Talented, why NOT leave Early and Make THAT MONEY! Buy a few Houses or three or four and six to ten nice, ultra nice Vehicles. Buy lots of Gold Chain Necklaces. Super fine Clothes. Eat super expensive foods and alcohols. And why not-a few Drugs too? Some purchase a lot of drugs. And muscle making drugs too. Heck, why not. They don’t need a College Degree because their Degree is in their Money Making Athletic Skills. And they need to get that Money before getting a Degree. SHOW ME THE MONEY! Get it while it’s HOT!

This is an entirely Stupid PROPOSITION ONE and I don’t see it even coming up for serious discussion. It doesn’t matter if All Professors Signed off on the Petition, it’ll never Pass. College Sports RULE THE ROOST!

But does the NFL have these young Athletes best interest? Do they? No, not really. It’s a Business! And they want all Hot and Ready to Go Players every year they can get. Like a Broken down Car, when one breaks, you get another fresh one Ready to Go.

But if the NFL declared that No Players could leave College Early, that would shut the whole thing down. But then all the Fans would not have their weekly Scream Time! Spending Millions on Products. Getting Big Fat TV DEALS!

ESPN is looking at getting all NFL GAMES too? ESPN is gonna Rule the Roost like they do with all College Bowl Games.