THE MARKSMAN-A MOVIE you must Watch!

There is No One Vicious Cartel. They are all Vicious and only the United States Marines has any chance of Stopping them. But that won’t Happen because ALL POLITICIANS HAVE GREAT FEAR FOR THE MEXICAN CARTELS!

This is a very good Movie!

While working the Texas Prisons, I was told by several Cartel Members that they have infiltrated most Politicians and have over a thousand SAFE HOUSES right here in Texas in most Texas towns. Also, Over 500 Brothels right here in Texas.

But don’t be surprised when the Cartel buys a House next to you. Or tells you what to do.

So Watch this Movie because it barely scrapes on the Mighty Power of the Cartels from Mexico.

Now showing on HULU!

in this movie-

Jim is a former Marine who lives a solitary life as a rancher along the Arizona-Mexican border. But his peaceful existence soon comes crashing down when he tries to protect a boy on the run from members of a vicious cartel.

And don’t follow Reviews that say The Marksman Died on the Bus for one different reason after another. This is The Markman and he’s coming back for THE MARKSMAN II because he killed a Cartel Leader’s sons. And he wants to kill The Marksman’s step-daughter. Rumors have Sylvester Stallone on the next movie.

In the next Movie, lots more money gets poured in and the Gunfights are explosive as he gets Help from other Vietnam Veterans. They go into Mexico and take the fight to them.