Please, let me SAVE you $2500 in Money!

You still paying for 150 more Channels than you wanting or Need? It’s confusing and it’s got you holding on by a Thumbnail. But ISN’T it time for you to TAKE CHARGE! And Drop those High Costs of Paying for TV Viewing.

America grew up on Rabbit Ears sitting on top of Most American TVs. And it was joyfully FREE! And oh yes, I was ADDICTED TO DIRECT-TV and I feel betrayed by them! When they first came out, you’d buy the Roof Unit and Indoor Box or Receiver and you’d align your Own Antenna. Over seven years, I bought three from Wal-Mart. And then I left them. And then I came back and I dropped them again. It was SHOCKING what an Unprofessional Removal Job they did!

One Shabby Removal Job! And it looks like this Today! Years after they came and left. They took the Receiver Box. Tool some holders outside and left us a disservice.

And I USE this now-

An Outdoor Antenna that gives me over 20 CHANNELS. FREE TV CHANNELS! And it’s BEST near Big Cities.

By 2022, 55.1% of Americans will have cut the cord. Half of America! Over half! And it’s going to continue-

Why are people leaving? Simple!

  1. DOESN’T Saving $2500 A Year sound Good?
  2. Your Adjustment to OVER THE AIR Channels and Viewing will take place very quickly!
  3. Most Americans are spending more and more time on their Cell Phones! This phenomenon is why paying for TV makes No Sense now.
  4. More Top Broadcasters are offering Free Apps that have a huge amount of Programming Content on them. Cell Phones are Replacing your TV needs. They have all the News you want.
  5. I have Subscriptions to the NEW YORK TIMES, WASHINGTON POST, and Houston Chronicle! ONLINE! And I love them. And you cannot get their Content on TV.

You got WI-FI? Then WHY haven’t you Dropped the Big Cable Bill? With the INFRASTRUCTURE BILL, WI-FI will be coming to you! And your ESCAPE will be easier.

By 2022, 55.1% of Americans will have cut the cord.