Here’s what 2022 Predictions has Planned for all of us?

  1. When political leaders seek to strong-arm state officials to change vote totals or lean on the vice president to overturn election results or pressure the Justice Department to enable a coup, they must be held legally accountable or they will try it again. If the facts are not there or the law does not apply, the attorney general owes the public an explanation as to why he has decided not to prosecute former president Donald Trump and his associates.
  2. Higher interests Rates.
  3. Stock Market Reports will look like a Rollercoaster Ride with Quick short-lasting Highs and lots of Lows.
  4. Lots of Retail Stores are just NOW receiving their Halloween Orders and that’s on China’s Instant Lockdowns. Not Americans unable to unload Cargo Ships.
  5. More Covid.
  6. Higher Fuel Costs.
  7. Higher Food Costs.
  8. Higher everything except at Discount Stores that will Reap the Benefits from late Deliveries of Seasonal Products. Big Retail Stores are already unloading late arriving HALLOWEEN Retail Items. Invest in Them NOW!
  9. Funeral Costs will continue to SKYROCKET! These Costs like The Beef Industry need to be Investigated. Investors simply Do Not Care who gets hurt in either.
  10. Major Product Disruptions will continue as China continues Shutting Down Factory Districts over Covid Concerns.
  11. Devastating Climate Reports will show a Continuing of Climate Warming Affects but the World will continue to put Bandaids on an Artery Cut that will destroy the Planet.
  12. Invest in HOME CLEAN AIR home filtration for your Homes and Offices and Autos and personal GAS MASKS. Breathing Air will begin to be noticeably different.
  13. Holiday Travel Plans will be mostly by Ground and not Air. 2020 Christmas Flight Cancellations will weigh heavily in Holiday Goers decisions.
  14. Sports Fans will be blue about another Football Bowl Season broadcast ONLY on espn. Negative Backlash continues growing because espn requires Chord-Cutters to purchase a “Subscriber that displays espn”. 95% chord cutters will not and missed the espn College Playoffs and espn national championship game two years running.
  15. Plenty of bitching sessions continue over Trump’s Big Liesj and January 6 Committee Findings which may absolutely prove a Coup did take place and Was Orchestrated by Trump and his Inner Circle. Politicians attempted to invalidate State Electoral Votes going all the way to the Supreme Court, DOJ was enlisted, and after January 6., on January 6, sitting Members of Congress attempted to invalidate State Electoral College Votes. After which, an onslaught of attempts to find Foul Play in Voting on a Massive Scale by Trump Toadys, but nothing was found except minor individual infractions. But a darkness. of much ado does point to an attempted Coup. But who Cares? Do you? Or isn’t this your Country Too?
  16. Elon Musk will have huge setbacks with Rocket Explosions. Moon Mission Timetable will be pushed back. Mars Mission Habitat will be scrubbed as Environmentalists will PROTEST the use of such an incredible amount of money while our own Planet enters its own pitfall.
  17. Sports Disasters will take place.
  18. Coordinated Attacks by Terrorists will begin with fresh training in Afghanistan.
  19. Israel will launch Terrorists Camp attacks in Afghanistan.
  20. Israel will attack Iran’s Nuclear Weapons facilities.
  21. Iran will Attack an American Carrier in the Gulf using Chinese Rockets. And sink one US Destroyer.
  22. America and Allies will begin amassing Troops in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.
  23. Trump is Indicted on Criminal Charges.
  24. A Sports Coliseum or Stadium will collapse with fans in the Stands.
  25. 30 States will have a Public Vote on whether to pull out of the United States? Then out of Extreme Bickering, they will create Six Separate Countries? Texas, New Mexico, Arizona will VOTE whether to Join Mexico? All States default on all Loans. Will they?
  26. Ten Million Mexicans enter Texas illegally after they tear down the Wall.
  27. Russia sets up an Embassy in Texas and Florida.
  28. China sets up an Embassy in California.