The Greatest Fly of All Time-Super Boss Fly!

These things always start with a


And a long time ago, there was the most powerful storm on the entire World that had set a course toward the Coasts of South Africa. All the News Agencies rallied together to get the word out that this Storm was a Storm of the Century with 400mph wind. And the Coasts were cleared of all forms of livestock and humans and Lions and Elephants and even the crocodiles vacated the entire area.

But the storm of humongous Size keep on its deadly Track like a radar lock on a missile had been met. And nothing could stop it. President Trump even offered to nuke it for the South Africans with the most powerful Nuclear Bomb ever, but the South Africans politely declined. Yes, President Trump was even in this fairy tale. Lol. Hey, I’m not telling this Tale, the Fly is…

Now as the Storm approached, it took the shape of a Caravan of massive people images and broad shoulders and big stocky muscled arms. And long fingers trying to grab up every thing in front of the storm. And suddenly the Storm stopped and wondered-Why da FUK had no one given it a NAME? And it grew ten times more angry and boy howdy was it pissed. Pissed on the Sixteenth Level of Being Pissed-Off. And then it burst into 600mph winds. Then one South African looked out and saw the monster of a Storm and yelled out, WHOLLY SHITSVILLE! And the Storm became very happy and went Back to Just 500mph winds.

And as it got closer to landfall, there was Unbelievable Lightning and Thunder-Clapping. And the Lightning as bursting violently into every shade of the 🌈 You know, a Rainbow. And sitting on a log on the Beach was a South African Fly. One single Fly. A fly. Yes, a fly.

Super Boss Fly

And the WHOLLY SHITSVILLE! Storm hit that Beach and ripped it a new Arsehole like Never before. And it violently raged there for a full day. And then just Left. It disappeared just as Fast as loo has gotten there in about 12 hours. So basically, back to back the storm and fly faced each other. Drew their Swords and Shot each other if they only had them. But no fly can draw a sword or even pick one up. But a magical or scientific event took place and the Fly was given the most unbelievable Powers ever. WHOLLY SHITSVILLE! Left the Fly with Super strength. Strong like a hundred Elephants STRONG. And Fast as a thousand Cheetahs. And suddenly a fly with SMARTS like having a Brain. But something that could use one. Be able to do what many cannot and use their Brain.

And the Fly jumped up into the air and went with a 767 Jumbo Jet back to America. The entire Crew and passengers told a tale that no one believed about seeing a Fly flying by each window on the Jet. Yes, when they landed, they told a Crazy Tale that no one believed.


Authorities assumed that somehow, a highly psychedelic drug had been introduced into the breathing air on the plane. Yep, no one believed any of them telling the Fly tale.

But it Happened in Real Life and it was crazy wild to think about it. But amazingly Super Boss Fly had been seen for the First Time. And no one believed it. So, the Super Boss Fly was about to be seen for real.

Super Boss Fly followed along with the Big Jet all the way to Washington, D.C. And when the plane landed, Super Boss Fly flew straight to the White House because the Super Boss Fly immediately had thought from a far distance that it was a tasty pile of Shyster. And Super Boss Fly was dumbfounded that anyone would be so stupid to paint their own home in nothing but White. Were they that Cheap or Poor? White Paint is the cheapest to buy. But it represents Purity and cleanliness and White Pie or White Pie Whole. ? Or White Power? White PRIVILEGE? Or just plain old cheap ole white paint that’s the easiest to spray paint graffiti on. And Super Boss Fly did think about lots of reasons the Big House was painted White and Super Boss Fly wanted to know why? So, Super Boss Fly flew down and then flew past the National Security Guards of Men and Women who looked like poster Children for the Next Rambo Movie of hideously scary folks. But they didn’t intimidate Super Boss Fly. No, appearances didn’t scare Super Boss Fly. So, he flew right into the White House announced not. And Super Boss Fly. Flew everythere which is all around the place. And then he saw PRESIDENT TRUMP sitting down to a big ole plate of Black Beans and Tortillas. And he started eating like he was a starving Poncho Villa whom he’d never had met cause he was a famous Dead Saviour of Mexico. And he didn’t seem to like Dead Saviours of any type. But who knows or gives a Shyster?

Anyhow, Super Boss Fly made it up to the plate and was about to grab a bean or two then Big Don yelled--Get the FUK away from my Beans you Damn Fly! And Super Boss Fly just looked up at him wondering who was this Fool yelling at Super Boss Fly? No Way, he didn’t yell at me! Super Boss Fly thought to himself. But Big Don yelled it again and began jabbing his fork at Super Boss Fly.

Super Boss Fly then took two beans and chunked one bean into each eyeball of Big Don. And he was angry that a mere fly had attacked him with beans. His own beans at that. And he yelled for his Secret Service men to come in and Kill Super Boss Fly that was still sitting on the plate of Beans. And Super Boss Fly began eating the beans and in no time, Super Boss Fly started farting fresh bean Farts. And these Super Boss Fly Farts were the Worst. SBDs. Silent But Deadly. And Big Don fell over onto the floor gasping for fresh air. And the Super Secret Men raced in. Yes, the SS raced to his rescue. And picked him off the Floor.

Are you alright, Mr. President?

Somebody Kill that Fly!

But when they tried, Super Boss Fly threw them all over the room. And President Trump then yelled-It’s a Secret Weapon from the DEMOCRATS! A death Fly it is…

And Super Boss Fly just laughed at the President always attacking those silly ole democrats like they were hell sent. Lol

But then Super Boss Fly finished his meal of Beans and Tortillas and then looked at the President. So, he decided he wanted to know what was inside this man. And Super Boss Fly flew into the President’s ear. His left ear to be exact.

And when he got there, the Super Boss Fly saw that the C.I.A. had put up a Steel Protection Door covering his eardrums. And Super Boss Fly used his Super Powers to rip the door off. And then the mighty Fly was dumbfounded to see a Tunnel behind the Steel Door. So, he went inside. And it was a very scary place. A weird place. There were six rows of Adding machines and a Big Casino like Slot Machine in there too, but only tiny. And there was a tiny man that kept putting coins in the Slot Machine and pulled its Lever trying to win the Jackpot that never could be Won. And Super Boss Fly then went past the tiny man playing Slots. And then he saw a Huge Sign that said TWITTER THIS WAY and it had an ARROW pointing backwards which was forward in his Mind. And when Super Boss Fly got to the End of that place, he saw lots of crazy forms of tiny Trolls that were sitting and typing TWEETS as fast as your head would spin. And they were laughing to themselves every time one of them made a FART TWEET. Yes, a TWEET about Farting.

And it made sense and it made no sense. It was Smart and it was Unsmart. Almost Anti-Smart. But they all were laughing and giggling at every Fart Tweet someone would type. It was so silly. But Farting they’d laugh. And then, Super Boss Fly made it to the room that glowed with a Gold Beam. And he opened the Door and there was a Baby Donald Trump Crying while sitting on a Golden Throne of Solid Gold. And a Sign above the Throne read-The Highest Ambition. Maybe its everyone’s greatest Goal but in another form or another.

But Super Boss Fly shook his head and flew out of Big Don’s Head and out of Washington, D.C.

I don’t know when there was ever a time when a man won’t even share a few beans, then I got to get the Heck out of this Place

And Super Boss Fly flew all the way back to South Africa while Farting all the way back to the Coast where he was from…but he’s going to fly back as soon as Super Boss Fly learned about Slavery and Slaves that he would not be Happy to Learn.

Let’s just hope that Super Boss Fly doesn’t start again with the Brain of President Trump. But who knows what’s up there about Slavery and All. What’s in anyone’s brain about Slavery and Slaves?