When in Hell will this Nationalsozialist Facism End?

When in Hell will this Nationalsozialist Facism End?


In 1796, President George Washington gave a very thoughtful Farewell Speech. The time was emboldened with men who gave great thought into the words that they spoke and wrote. Very unlike Today when Children are taught How to Cheat on Tests by their parents. Or steal works of anyone on The Internet.

Today, millions of people are acting so simple minded, easily swayed, and don’t care to check their Facts. People are taking advantage of them and helping them make poor decisions. I think the Pandemic has a great amount to do with how quickly people are not the same as they are in 2019. So much so that it’s hard to get them to read anything unless it comes from a Posting that went Viral.

But I beg you to at least listen to the words of Our founding father as you sit and drink your tea or coffee or soda or Beer-

In the 7,641-word document, the nation’s first president, George Washington, called for the American people to remain unified, resist the rise of political factions and avoid the influence of foreign powers.

Washington was not bound by a two-term limit. But if he died in office, he feared it would establish a precedent that the presidency was a lifetime appointment( like they now have in China and Russia and North Korea). Instead, he stepped aside to make way for a successor, proving to future generations (and his contemporary critics) his commitment to democracy rather than power.


More than a year after Donald Trump lost the presidency, election officials across the country are facing a growing barrage of claims that the vote was not secure and demands to investigate or decertify the outcome, efforts that are eating up hundreds of hours of government time and spreading distrust in elections.

The ongoing attack on the vote is being driven in part by well-funded Trump associates, who have gained audiences with top state officials and are pushing to inspect protected machines and urging them to conduct audits or sign on to a lawsuit seeking to overturn the 2020 results. And the campaign is being bolstered by grass-roots energy, as local residents who have absorbed baseless allegations of ballot fraud are now forcing election administrators to address the false claims.

Above Exert is from the Washington Post Article below-


When in Hell will this Nationalsozialist Facism End?

America allowing these unprecedented Attacks on Democracy to continue to ferment in the minds of Americans, especially Our Youth, is going to create a future Society of Nationalsozialist Facism Worshippers. If we continue to go down this road, America will be Destroyed as a Country the World will ever look up to ever again. We will be seen as the Full example of a Modern Rome. And we, will be the Romans. Blood-lusting Romans.

I know. I know, I know. You say you want more? Well funded Attacks are taking place right now and these Well Funded Attacks are, in no way, trying to Keep America Strong. No, it is a full attempt to destroy our Very Existence of being a Democratic Republic.

And they want to create a “Billionaire’s Empire” in the place of Democracy-

Or is it one of the following that we’ll get stuck with? Yes, we will be the Losers. And it is a Rich Man’s Game of Chess. And you and I are just the Pawns and nothing more. Never will we nothing more than Pawns in this Game.

That is if we lose. And I do believe as long as these misdirected, whimsical Voter Fraud Audits continue to take place all across America, then, We are LOSING! And they are going to replace Our Once Democracy with one of the followings-


Nazi vs. Fascist: Is There Really A Difference?

Published August 4, 2020

Fascist and Nazi: these two words loom large in the history books and in heated conversations about politics—conversations that have far outlasted the regimes that originally embraced them. For many of us, the words fascist and Nazi bring to mind the worst dictators and crimes against humanity.

But as these ideologies make the news in 2020, used especially in the context of a growing concern about authoritarian policies in the US, how many of us can define the key characteristics of a fascist or fascist regime? Or describe how fascism differs from Nazism?

As the saying goes, if we don’t know our history, we’ll be doomed to repeat the mistakes of our ancestors.

What is a fascist?

Fascism is a system of government led by a dictator who typically rules by forcefully and often violently suppressing opposition and criticism, controlling all industry and commerce, and promoting nationalism and often racism.

The word is sometimes capitalized, especially when it specifically refers to the dictatorship of Benito Mussolini in Italy from 1922 to 1943, or authoritarian systems similar to his, including those of Adolf Hitler in Germany and Francisco Franco in Spain.

As an ideologyfascism typically centers around extreme nationalism and an opposition to democracy and liberalism. In practice, fascism revolves around a ruler who uses absolute power to suppress the individual freedom of citizens, making everyone completely subject to the power of the state. To achieve this, fascism often uses violent methods for political ends. In the context of a fascist government, this often involves the use of the military against citizens.

But you cannot have it your own way without giving up something. In order to give the Billionaires their Empire, you have to given up something. Don’t you? So, are we going to Allow ourselves to be sucked down just like water in bathtubs? Sucked down as we are TRICKED into giving up Our Democracy?

Isn’t that what’s happening? Really taking place? Even after the Audits, Billionaire Supporters are still saying The Big Lie when PROOF proving the Opposite actually took place. Why can’t the Billionaire Supporters see what is Happening? Billionaires want their Empire! Even if they HAVE TO TAKE IT. From the rest of us.

When in Hell will this Nationalsozialist Facism End? When a Billionaire Empire is established and the next GOP President will be keep there for His Lifetime? Then, we can pay yourselves on your Back as we will them Join Russia, China, and North Korea in having a Leader for Life.

But he’ll only listen to what the Billionaires want. Not what we want or need. Consequences have reactions. Have you truly thought thru what is happening? If so, then you know IT SUCKS!