Why Texas’s Border Wall Won’t Work?

  1. Drug Cartels.
  2. There are too Many here in Texas and America who’ll Help “them” Get Here!

The Wall is a Political Ploy. The Big Boy’s Toy. And it won’t work. Too many in Austin are Afraid of the Drug CARTELS. So, what’s the Diff? Let’s get Voters to Vote for us by building them a Wall. I never asked for a China Wall. A Berlin Wall.

We have been screaming for Drug Cartels to be dealt with ever since the College Kids being KILLED. Or have all of you forgotten that?

I want the Drug Cartels Ended! That will fix a whole lot of Our Texan Problems.. Let’s whimp the “F” out and Build a Stupid Wall. And then we can buy land on Mars. What’s the Diff?