Who’s the Puppet now? Looks like all of Us!

You will recognize my Authority!

First, Trump Oders an Election Audit and Abbott Jumped Up and Complied. Secondly, Trump Orders a Continuation of His Wall and Abbott is Complying! If he doesn’t Comply, Trump will not give his Golden Shower to Abbott and help him get Re-Elected! But Using $3 Billion Dollars$ of the Rainy Day Fund? Hey. That Money belongs to all of us Texans. I’m thinking it’s time for Texas to be the First State to Remove its Governor. He’s out of Control spending your Money like a Madman. $$$Three Billions Dollars out of the Rainy Day Fund! OMG! And he took How much out of the Texas Prison Budget for Trump’s Wall? Over $200 Million Dollars like they had Money to Spare!!!

What’s Trump going to Order Abbott to Do NEXT? He’s already bounced the ball off the Wall on creating more Jim Crowe Voter Laws. Was this Trump’s 3rd Order? Looks like it. And Not to mention how Cancun Cruz tried to help Trump Steal the 2020 Election for Trump by Action in the Legislature on January 6. Or have you forgotten that as well? But don’t be worried cause you now are feeling very Pleased or feeling Very Screwed. Which one is it, Texas?

And it’s not just TEXAS. Trump has been Ordering other Governors to Take His Orders or Face Election FAILURE. What incredible Authoritarian Rule Trump now Wields and he’s not even in Office. Amazing Power that people are giving this one man who seems like a Tyrant to millions? A Tyrant? Isn’t that what you Call it? Or do you love it? Love Him? Millions do.

Republicans are Looking for any way to CRUSH the January 6 Committee. But Why? A Real Coup Attempt appears to have taken Place and Do You Even Care? Will your Legacy be to Put a Dictator in Office in America as long as he is Trump? Upon your Death will be Your Greatest Gift to all future Generations be How You Promoted and Allowed a Dictator to take power in America? Without any remorse? Just because you Liked the Man? You love him that much? To turn your back on all Past Sacrifices of Present and Past Veterans? And you put your Faith in Him as Commander in Chief if a War Breaks Out? He flipped the Script in the Military and he’s gonna Call and Make all War Decisions where all allies don’t TRUST Him? Do you think you will Win a War when your Allies don’t Trust You? It’s all of us they won’t Trust and it starts at the Top.




Texas Republicans propose using state’s rainy-day fund to build border wall


Trump’s Wall Rates Higher than Our Needs? We must be mere Puppets. Mere Puppets!

Abbott says Wall will be Complete in Two Months. Now let me wrap my Head around this! Completed in Two Months at the Cost of THREE BILLION DOLLARS? What Jackass Fool can Spend Three Billion Dollars of Our Rainy Day Fund Money in just Two Months? Three Billion Dollars of Cargo Storage CONTAINERS? Show Us! Show us 3 Billion Dollars Used in Two Months! What did We Get? Or what did Trump Get? Something Stinks! I’m not buying this Bullshit! Are you?

Opinion: Hey Abbott, if Trump told you to jump off a bridge, would you do it?


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Opinion: Hey Abbott, if Trump told you to jump off a bridge, would you do it?

Former president Donald J. Trump and Gov. Greg Abbott meet up on Saturday, Aug. 29, 2020.Yi-Chin Lee, Houston Chronicle / Staff Photographer

Elections audit

Regarding “Texas says it’s begun 2020 election audit in 4 counties, including Harris, after Trump letter,” (Sept. 23): With Gov. Greg Abbott’s most recent decision to follow former President Donald Trump’s orders, I am reminded of the discussion so many generations of parents have had with their children when they want to blindly follow someone: If they told you to jump off a bridge, would you do it? In Abbott’s case, the sad answer is YES.