Boyka: Undisputed-an Awesome Action Martial Arts “MMA Style” Movie

Boyka: Undisputed! An AWESOME MOVIE!

I loved this Movie. The Storyline is very good. And you will enjoy it if you like MMA Style Fighting. So Pop some Popcorn and Enjoy!

Boyka (Scott Adkins) accidentally kills an opponent in the ring, forcing him to question everything he’s worked for. When he finds out his opponent’s widow is in trouble, he becomes her champion in a series of seemingly impossible fights.

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The film takes place several months after the events of the previous film. Martial artist Yuri Boyka is now a free man and has a manager named Kiril. He still fights in underground matches in Kyiv, Ukraine. In a match, Boyka accidentally kills his opponent Viktor. He begins to regret this and thinks about what he is fighting for. After discovering Viktor has a wife named Alma, Boyka tells Kiril to make a fake passport and goes to Russia to meet Alma.

In the Russian town of Drovny, Boyka finds out that Alma owes money to a crime boss named Zourab. Alma lives in a community center and she serves as a waitress in Zourab’s underground fighting club. Zourab is now searching for a good martial artist to fight in his club. Boyka wants to help Alma pay her debt so he makes a deal with Zourab that he will fight for him in exchange for Alma’s freedom. Zourab agrees and suggests Boyka to fight in three matches.

Alma invites Boyka to the training room in the community center for his training. Boyka easily defeats his opponent in the first match. He then must fight two brothers in the second match and defeats them by double knock out. In the community center, Boyka asks Alma why she does not leave the town. She replies she cannot leave the children, and without this center the children could become gangsters or bad guys.

In the third match, Boyka defeats Igor Kazmir, the elite henchman of Zourab. He is about to leave, but Zourab forces him to fight one more match to defeat his true champion; Boyka reluctantly agrees. Zourab bribes a high-ranking police officer to bring Koshmar to his club. Koshmar is a giant, furious and relentless martial artist. Zourab thinks Boyka cannot defeat Koshmar.

Because Koshmar has a large and strong body, at first Boyka cannot hurt him. After some intense moments, Boyka breaks one arm and one leg of Koshmar and finally kicks him out of the ring, knocking him unconscious. An angered Zourab takes Alma as a hostage and orders his henchmen to kill Boyka. However, Boyka kills all of Zourab’s henchmen and chases after him. Boyka gets shot in his stomach, but he grabs Zourab, punches him in his face and chokes him to death. An injured Boyka asks Alma if she can forgive him for what he did to her husband and is arrested by the police shortly after.

Six months later, Alma visits Boyka in prison. She tells him she finally forgives him and he thanks her. Boyka continues fighting in the prison to pursue the title of most complete martial artist in the world.

Boyka: Undisputed[3] (also known as Undisputed IV) is a 2017 American martial arts film directed by Isaac Florentine, and written by David White and Tony Mosher with a story by Boaz Davidson. It is the sequel to the 2010 boxing film Undisputed III: RedemptionScott Adkins reprises his role as Yuri Boyka. Tim Man, who choreographed the action for Adkins in Florentine’s Ninja: Shadow of a Tear, serves as the film’s fight choreographer.

Boyka: Undisputed
Directed byIsaac Florentine (uncredited)[1][2]
Todor Chapkanov
Screenplay byDavid WhiteTony Mosher
Story byBoaz Davidson
Produced byBoaz DavidsonJohn ThompsonMark GillLes WeldonIsaac Florentine
StarringScott AdkinsTeodora DuhovnikovaAlon Moni Aboutboul
CinematographyIvan Vatsov
Edited byIrit Raz
Music bySteve Edwards
Millennium Films
Nu Image
Distributed byUniversal Pictures Home Entertainment
Release dateSeptember 22, 2016 (Fantastic Fest)August 1, 2017 (United States)
Running time86 minutes
CountryUnited States

On September 22, 2016 the film premiered at the Fantastic Fest.[4] The distribution rights were bought by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment that officially released the film under the title Boyka: Undisputed on August 1, 2017 on DVD and Blu-ray in US.