“Virtually IMPOSSIBLE to silence the NOISE!”

Virtually IMPOSSIBLE to silence the NOISE! The NOISE? On Social Media Platforms, Noise is “cyborgs to mimic organic users”. Every Subject on any Social Platform can be “flipped” into meaning the Opposite by many ways-

1. Algorithims.

2. “COMMENTS” orchestrated by artificial Sources and Real Antisocial Organizations.

3. “Creeping the Article Out” thru deliberate Attacks on Social Media.

4. Some people have huge followings and they can Command their Flock to Attack a Site or Article.

5. First Story out usually is the Correct One. But Today, it’s whoever gets the Most Readers.

Forget the Trolls, podcasts today can hurt you on more ways than one. And if everyone DOESN’T watch out, Democracy can evaporate as the Article below suggests by a Powerful GOP Member.

But are you willing to read what an Old Man said? And he dies it in very powerful rhetoric-