The Things Within-a Dramatic Short Film Addressing a Real Story

THE THINGS WITHIN-is a very real approach to what truly Lies Within. It is Shocking and Moving and a Short Film that will make you sit up and pay close Attention. No one knows what Lies within another person. You can easily say You do, but when it comes down to reality, you DON’T. No one does.

Watching This Drama Unfold is Shocking and the little girl at the End with complete innocence is surreal as to what just took place. And The Things Within will Ring Deeply with an Audiences as more and more Cities encounter the Grief caused by an Active Shooter.

But what got the Shooter to his or her point of irreversible Consequences? And in the Fire, what does each person you see represent? Your first impression of This Film might be-Did this really Happen? Is this being Planned? What is going on?

And you might even be Asking yourself? How am I to react?

THE THINGS WITHIN is in Your Face Drama. And it will smash your Face with intense stirring intensity with many after the fact questions. Questions that you won’t forget anytime soon. But will you find your answers?