Should Concern be Addressed?

When something feels wrong, it usually is. Top GOP Leader says America needs to know the Truth and that the Jan. 6 Committee is Righteous! Apologizes for not being more Supportive of the effort to Uncover the Facts.

What took place, Really took place, is unraveling before the January 6 Committee. And if it comes to prove that the Evidence being presented is beyond a reasonable Doubt, then what can any one do to Prevent a real Coup from taking place in 2024? Tell 🇺🇸 what can be done? We want to know. If you look at all the participants, and consider their backgrounds, it might Concern you. It should Concern you. Military Expertise was and has and is being used on 🇺🇸. But who Cares? Do you?

Michael Cohen-

Wanted to give you all a heads up that tomorrow morning, December 16, 2021, I will be filing a lawsuit against the US Govt, #Trump, #Barr , etc for the unconstitutional remand of me back to #Otisville based upon my refusal to waive my First Amendment constitutional right.

Forcing People to Give-Up their Constitutional Rights as a Citizen of the 🇺🇸 gives a person cause to be Alarmed. Do you Care? If not, who does?

What will Happen if a Real Coup was Successful in 2024? Do you think 🇺🇸 would remain Happily Peaceful while a bellowing Cow that lost her Calf still belly aches bellowing more Bigger Lies!

I think the State’s would Unionize to groups of States. Ones that weren’t Bankrupt would flock together. Maybe calling those who have Legal Marijuana might stick together. But I do not believe America as a Whole would remain the same Country after a COUP. Being allowed to Dissolve America is the Only way to Prevent a Civil War. And I don’t think any State would allow Washington or the WH to have any Power over them afterwards or the Federal Court System. All Federal Prisoners would be Released. Even Drug Lords.

Another Coup is UNACCEPTABLE! But the time for real concern is coming…