Was Our Being in Afghanistan a Pretext?

Pretext-a reason given in justification of a course of action that is not the real reason.”the rebels had the perfect pretext for making their move”


  • After nearly two decades of war, more than 6,000 American lives lost, over 100,000 Afghans killed and more than $2 trillion spent by the U.S., the speed of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan has shocked the world.
  • U.S. defense officials reportedly expected Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, to fall in 90 days. It took less than 10 days.
  • Among the key causes, analysts say, are intelligence failures, a more powerful Taliban, corruption, money, cultural differences and willpower.

Kabul fell in just a few Hours!

But it appears that a Dark SECRET existed in Afghanistan all along. What was the True Mission? What was it? And that Answer is just as Vague as it was in the Vietnam War.

Leaders, especially in the Military, had to Have known when Our Boots on the Ground were not needed any longer. If so, why wasn’t the Mission Ended earlier? At the earliest possible time. And that time was obviously NOT EXPEDITED! And why not?

I’ve read and cringed At every Article I’ve read that said the Big Push was-We’ve almost Turned the Corner. Turned the Cornerback on What?

Folks, we clearly lost Sight of the Mission. And we tried to Monkey with what cannot be Changed. You cannot Change the Taliban. They are so deeply entrenched in Afghanistan, that after Osama Bin Laden was Killed. The Afghanistan Mission absolutely should been Ended. Everyday past his Death was a Test in Futility and Ignorance and Deceit to the American People.

But the Money Spout was BROKEN in the “Open Position” and No One Cared to shut it down? Well, President Trump Did. Finally one President had his Team of Negotiators workout an America getting out of Afghanistan Plan.

They Planned, worked it out, and President Biden was stuck with making it HAPPEN. Here! Catch the Shitty Stick! And it wasn’t a pretty EXIT, no Exit ever is…

France leaving Vietnam was one of the Worse. But that’s not the real Question.

An obvious Pretext was in Place all the Way down to the Intelligence being generated about How and When we should leave and How Long the Afghanistan Government would Last. And did it?

Not at all. It folded up like an Umbrella in a wind storm. Like a Grocery Store with a Sign-We Closed, Free Food.

And the Taliban rode in on Vehicles like a Parading Liberating Army. But they Liberated no one. No, the Brutal Taliban arrived and most were ttaken aback to a Time of Great Suffering. Beheadings, Hands Cutoff, and Women back to being Cattle to be Bartered in Trade. Yes, they are. The Express Lane of Pain and Suffering was Opened when the Last C-17 left carrying the American Troops from the Kabul Airport. Games of frustrating Futility were then Over. They came smashing to an abrupt Halt.

But the Staggering Money Figure is A Shocker. A Real Shocker when you compare the sides to what we got in Return…

Exactly what the Heck did we get out of Afghanistan in Return? We got a Nation sprung backwards to the Pre-Soviet Invasion Days. We got the Best Terrorist Training Center in the World.

And we basically Got Our Troops Out and this is all we get in return out of 20 years of Fighting there?

And we now no longer have an Embassy with Americans in it there and never will again. Why? We are the Hated Ones. We are the Infidels! And it’s always been DEATH TO THE INFIDELS! The Taliban is about the purest Muslims that there are. They are absolved, absorbed with the Qur’an and its Teachings and whatever they have Added to it.

Can the Taliban find a Road between Allowance of Freedoms and their Own Tolerance of Freedoms? Maybe never…

Forget what The President Trump’s Team Negotiated. That’s been thrown out all the Way back to Jerusalem. The Taliban is a stark Reminder of What Israel Hates. And the World cannot think of Afghanistan without cringing. And it’s the Taliban that keeps rearing up discontent and mistrust.

In six months, the Country of Afghanistan could be in a Civil War. I’m guessing before a year has gone by? But I’m only guessing to a certain degree.

We’ve been there. And unless provoked by another dastardly Deed as 91101, we’ll never be back there.