Lingering over from the Vietnam War and now carried over? Can They never be Answered?


You up for some Big Ones? Ones I pray you do not get Bad People after you? Are you Endowed? A Big News Organization? Or someone who wants the same questions asked too? Are Lobbyists in Control of Congress? Are they? Does something feel amiss to you? Maybe more than just a little bit? But can you put your finger on it? Hmm…

But are Fund Raising Committees and Events EXEMPT? NO LIMITS?

That year Ms. Fago gave $15,400 to pro-Trump fund-raising committees and an additional $7,600 to the Republican National Committee after Mr. Trump won the party’s nomination. In October 2020, she gave $500 to pro-Trump committees.

So, can you give a Politician Money every day and that Total Amount doesn’t matter that way? Okay?

So, if you’re Capable and Smart and got Money, here are the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION REQUESTS I would love to see Answered and I believe Millions of Americans would too. So, let’s get right down to it-

  1. Ask all U.S. Armed Forces to Identify all Companies and Corporations both Here and Foreign that Manufacture Our Ships, Aircraft including War Planes and Drones, Submarines, Tanks, Any Vehicles, Clothes. food, Weapons of any Nature including Missiles and Bombs for them. For the Last 20 YEARS to the Present.
  2. Ask all Companies and Corporations listed by the United States Armed Forces in the Above to Disclose all Lobbying Monies given to any Congressman and Congresswomen, both State and U.S. CONGRESS. This to include Monetary Gifts to their Office, themselves and their Friends or Family Members to include Benefitted College Payments, Vacations to both Private and Public Resorts, both Here and Abroad in any Foreign Country and any Private or Public Resorts. On any Private or Public Islands. And on any Private and Rented Yachts. Both Private and Public Golf Courses both Foreign and Here in the United States or any Island. Trips to Cancun. This to include the Use of Loan of any Private or Commercial Plane Usages. And any and all Office Furniture or Homes, Condos privately provided to them anywhere. Or Real Estate given to any. For the Last 20 YEARS. Also, Any Formal Dinners in excess of $200.
  3. Ask the same as above to SCOTUS, POTUS, AND The Vice-President and WH STAFF.
  4. Ask the same as No.2 to all U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives for the Last 20 Years to the Present.

These are simple Requests and should be easy to fill by all Requested. Don’t you Agree? Why not? If no one has anything to hide, this should be an Easy.

But after Vietnam War, these Requests went suspiciously silent. Huh? Who does that? Anyone got something to Hide? Let’s fund out. Lol. Find Out, please.

A Member or employee of the House or Senate may not accept a gift of any value from a registered lobbyist, an organization that employs a registered lobbyist or an agent of a foreign principal, subject to certain exceptions described below.Aug 9, 2019

Members and employees of Congress may not accept:

  1. Anything provided by a registered lobbyist or a foreign agent to an entity that is maintained or controlled by a Member or employee of Congress;
  2. Charitable contributions from lobbyists and foreign agents expressly solicited by a Member or employee (except in lieu of honoraria);
  3. Contributions from lobbyists or foreign agents to a conference, retreat, or similar event, sponsored by or affiliated with an official congressional committee or caucus;
  4. Contributions from lobbyists and foreign agents to legal defense funds of Members, officers and employees of Congress;
  5. Gifts of personal hospitality unless lobbyists or agents of foreign principals qualify as personal friends; and
  6. Reimbursements from lobbyists and foreign agents for officially-connected travel. Many of the same restrictions apply to lobbying organizations. (see “Summary of Congressional Travel Rules”).

However, contributions to a legal defense fund maintained by a Member of the House are limited to $5,000 per year and no lobbyist or foreign agent may contribute to such a fund. In the Senate, contributions to a legal defense fund are limited to $10,000. How in the World does anyone raise Millions and Millions of Dollars for Lawyers? Who does that with Such Monetary Restrictions? Tell us who and How they did it! FREEDOM OF INFORMATION REQUEST PLEASE! Inquiring Minds want to know. How and Who?

A Member or employee of Congress may accept gifts that exceed the value limit for individual gifts and annual limit for gifts from one source if they are subject to one of 24 exceptions. Most of these exceptions (unless otherwise noted) also apply to the gift ban for lobbyists, lobbying organizations and agents of a foreign principal. 

But have you ever wanted to read what these 24 Exceptions are?

In 2020, the total lobbying spending in the United States amounted to 3.49 billion U.S. dollars. This is a slight decrease from the 3.51 billion U.S. dollars spent on lobbying in 2019. And Lobbyists make from $73,000 to $200,000 per years.

But what appears Odd is How did the Cost of Lobbying get to $3.49 Billion Dollars in 2020? Sure seems alot of out of work Americans could become Paid Lobbyists.

And who’s the Top Payers?

CharacteristicSpending in million U.S. dollars
Pharmaceuticals/Health Products306.23
Electronics Mfg & Equip156.9
Real Estate131.84
Business Associations119.53
Oil & Gas110.69
Hospitals/Nursing Homes108.83
Misc Manufacturing & Distributing105.78
Air Transport105.02
Telecom Services104.82
Electric Utilities104.74
Securities & Investment102.65
Health Services/HMOs99.76
Health Professionals87.62
Civil Servants/Public Officials77.58

But some folks are missing?

This could explain in part why total lobbying expenditures by the 53 top Defense Contractors that reported paying for such work in the second quarter of 2015 were more than 25 percent higher than the amount they spent in the same quarter of 2014 — $58.5 million instead of $45.7 million. But not all of the lobbying was related solely to military spending.

Oh yeah, that’s just part of the missing FOLKS.

General Electric — which makes washing machines and light bulbs and has a major healthcare division — lobbied on the Export-Import Bank, Medicare, passenger and freight train safety and natural gas production, according to its latest disclosure. It also lobbied on several defense weapons programs, including the B-1 Bomber, the CH-53K Super Stallion helicopter, the F-18 Fighter and the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

But something just seems to be not adding up. Lots of Lobbyists and everyone is doing it Correctly? No bloopers? No greedy paws?

A waste of Time to Ask or is there something happening? I don’t know nothing for sure, do you?

Seems the Lawyer Money Questions are darn good ones to Ask. Don’t you too think so?