SPYCRAFT-How Spies Operate is Amazing to Watch


Stream It Or Skip It: ‘Spycraft’ On Netflix, A Docuseries About How Espionage Has Developed Over The Decades

You may not be a spy or aspire to be a spy, but spycraft is certainly something you may be interested in. It makes sense; the most creative minds figure out different ways of collecting intelligence and stay undetected. And the race to do it better, faster, and with more stealth has been going on for at least a century, at least when it comes to modern espionage. A new Netflix docuseries examines the different ways countries spy on each other.


When I watched the First Episode, I was Hooked. And the stuff I’m seeing is quite remarkable. Spies are Watching too. Lol. It’s just hypnotic.

So many Movies about Spies and Spying. But what is the Truth? This Series reveals what was once TOP SECRET and where it’s gone to is freaking stranger than all get out. Watch it! And get paranoid…Lol

They are Spying on You!