Tribute to Native Americans

First-Off, I offer my Deepest sympathies for the destruction of many Great and Noble Native Indian Nations that were completely destroyed by Aggressive Pioneers and others. Anyone who will take the time to Study these Great Tribes will know that They Were a People all unto Themselves. And neither Pioneer or Native Indians reached a mutual understanding of each other. One taking only what they needed. And the other taking everything. But some Tribes owned Black Slaves as well.

But don’t dwell on stupid things. Try to just see that they once were Here before Pioneers from many World Countries came and tool over. And they were taken out.

And that Hating Phrase-The only good Indian is a Dead Indian. And that phrase comes up alot in Western Movies. But if you could travel back in time, could you even identify any arrowheads? And yes, some are from long ago. Long before Pioneers were ever here. Look at the Download below-

Can you place the Time Period of these above?

Can you Identify which Tribe each Arrow is From?
“Strong And Swift”
(Crow – Apsaroke)
James Ayers
Oil  30″ x 30″
Was: $9,500
NOW: $8,950

I collect Great Historical pics too. And on my Pinterest Account, see these Pics with Great Native Indian Pics too.

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