On January 6, Was the Military really planning a Coup in Our Country? Do you Give a Shit? You Care?https://t.co/Yd6PqDnZEz

Sure, we get it. The possibilities are there. Aren’t they? Trump Supporters and others expected Trump to beat Biden in 2020. But the Vote went to Biden legally. Not the other way in a freaky, unbelievable Stolen manner as many Blasted out falsely in the Media. Saying Believe Us, Not the Real Proof. By Damn, if I say it was Stolen, you can change your drawers in it. But Fake News was reeking from some PEOPLE. And millions believed that Shit when No Past Election was ever proved Stolen ever before and neither was this one. So, why believe the impossible?

But people tried to Steal it still. For real. The Proof is finally coming out. It is. And still, millions would rather hear more Fake News to help some keep that False Narrative Alive. And whatever you believe is your Right. It is. But when PROOF Positive comes out, what do we do then? I’m talking all of us. What does all of 🇺🇸 do? Ignore it or allow punishable acts must be punished? Nothing simply coincidentally was taking place. It was being orchestrated? And by Who?

Is a Violent Coup Coming?

But now-in Washington-

Some are Elected. Some are Appointed. But when the Highest Levels in American Government were attempting to Overthrow a Lawfully Conducted and True American Election available for participation by all Americans., what do We The People do with those found Guilty? This is Corruption at the Highest Level. Appears so, doesn’t it? And was there a Planned Coup by Our Military? General Fly_ _ and The other Colonel _______ who both were heavily involved in trying Flipping the Election. The Colonel delivering the PowerPoint Presentations? But did they conduct behind the scene plans to Overthrow Our Government by using Our Military? In Contact with those on Active Duty? A Military Coup? A Coordinated Attempt?

Simply ignoring this extraordinary example of Criminal Activity must be Addressed. Or do we merely Close our Eyes? The New American Way to Deal with Crooks? They are legally Accountable, aren’t they? What they planned and attempted cannot go Overlooked, can it?

We are a better People than that, aren’t we? Life is fragile and we must protect our young, don’t we? Ignoring this is unacceptable. Isn’t it? Please, you tell me what the Truth is? The evidence is flowing and it is Damming.

But to Ignore these individuals and their Actions belittles all of 🇺🇸 to the level of a 3rd World Banana Republic. We are not that low in our thoughts or our Ignorance of what took place, are we? But a false Narrative is Damming. Justice must be Applied to these dastardly Deeds. Doesn’t it?

The real information is so incredibly damaging to Our Image. OUR IMAGE AS A NATION. Isn’t it?

Are we Ready for another COUP Attempt in 2024? if we ignore what took place in 2020, will we be complacent with it happening again in 2024? Must be if these incredibly lowlifes are not held responsible. And what other dastardly things would they do if they ever get back in Office? Keep Power FOREVER?

On TV Sunday-a Congressman said all GOP Congressmen who did not have a working relationship with Trump would not Survive. Survive what? What a terrible Thing to Say. Threatening them on TV. For a Lame Duck EX! This smells of Coup again in 2024. Or what? But-

The Proof is in their Coup Recipes.


White House chief of staff Mark Meadows sent an email saying the National Guard would be present to ‘protect pro Trump people’ in the lead up to the US Capitol insurrection, according to a new report released by the January 6 committee Sunday night.

Who was going to Hurt them? How can you Protect them from themselves and their Criminal Activities on January 6?

And the damaging PowerPoint Presentation? WTH? Who does this? Why do that? It appears self evident what it is. And at the Top Level of Government?


It was just one of several new details in the report about Meadows’ actions before and during January 6, as well as his role in attempting to overturn the 2020 election.

Coordinated efforts to Overturn what was legally done. For a Tycoon Billionaire Playboy? Really?

Man, we got to get that Shit out of Here. And make sure it never happens again. This is the most creepy Old People Shit I’ve ever seen in my Life.

But who cares? Do you?