What is causing Today’s Inflation Surge?

Sadly. It’s going on right now. And this Current Inflation Surge compared to the early 1980s isn’t anything like that period of time or the Great Recession of 2007-2009. But what were some of the past events?

Interest Rates had risen to 20%. Man, don’t you remember that Crap? I’m gonna loan you a Benjamin but I want $120 In return. Holy Crap!

But the creepy Ugly point I have been able to identify is JOB LOSS. Yes, Jobs not being filled and People racing to QUIT their Job and then POST it on a Social Media Platform. Man, who does that Crap? Quitting your Job in hopes of what? Pitty Party? Social Media Likes? Man, get that Crap out of here. Why?

Because it is causing the Inflation Surge. Fewer Working means less production which means Higher Prices for fewer goods produced!

Try to help the unemployed get that Message!

Gasoline Prices Inflation Surge? Absolutely tied to the Global Cost of a Barrel of Crude Oil. It always has been that way. And what has Oil Prices done?

This year has seen a 47.71% Increase in Price per Barrel. And it has finally shown up at the Pump. The only bright spot was the Cheap Oil caused by a spat between Russia and Saudi Arabia where Oil went all the way down to $11.26 dollars per Barrel. But that was a damaging blow to the Oil Industry where Layoffs skyrocketed. And most still have not been Rehired.

So, again, People out of Work by Choice and those in good paying Jobs with no Job now.

And the Media is still saying Repeatedly that the current Inflation Surge is being caused by people who have money buying up the products. What a completely backwards way to View this. Any people whether with Credit or Money buy what they can afford. Not simply buying stuff because they have Money? Heck No. That’s a lazy view by folks not doing their homework.

And Higher Fuel Costs translates to Higher Prices due to higher prices to get product to market. Get produce to market.

And how did America get to needing 80,000 Truck Drivers? Many people stopped driving Trucks and others falsely believed Driverless Trucks were going to take over the Road. So, why go into an industry where an Empty Seat was going to put you out of a Job?


  1. Fewer People Working means Fewer Products being produced and the fewer Products will cost more because of Supply and Demand. The higher the Demand, the higher the Price they will always Ask for.
  2. Unpredictable Crude Oil Prices directly affects Gasoline Prices.
  3. U.S. Oil Producers EXPORT their Oil which doesn’t translate to lower Prices for us. If they can get World Prices, why give us a Break? They don’t. They won’t.
  4. Fewer Truck Driving Jobs being filled for various reasons.
  5. Negative Thinking in many Workers created by those who still believe Election was STOLEN and still continue a Mounted War to correct their Loss. But the aftermath is that Many workers have given-up their Jobs just because they don’t believe in what America is Today anymore. Too much confusion has been placed in their minds. They’ve Quit working and barely are making it. But they quit Caring. They believe they have No Future. Not anymore.
  6. America is still engrossed with paying the Trillions of Dollars spent on Afghanistan and Iraq Wars. This is beating back at the economy as well.


  1. Offer Free College to all Who want it.
  2. Offer Free Trade Training for all who want it.
  3. Offer Restaurant Jobs with Benefits.
  4. Offer Jobs with Benefits.
  5. The World needs to come together on keeping Crude Oil Prices Stable and not allow them to run away wild like they are Today. Thus instability continues cause Inflationary Problems.
  6. America needs to find a way to get workers back into the Job Market. Offer Bonuses? I don’t know. But when a person quits looking for a Job, there is a Problem.
  7. End Internet Hiring Companies that are “Crooked” and get very few Hired. How can individuals Get Hired here from those making the Hiring decision and live in the Philippines? They are using algorithms in the Resume Search which are not getting hirable individuals to Companies. This is bottlenecking the Worker Load at a standstill. And adding to Inflation.
Crude Oil Prices – Historical Annual Data
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And I believe Inflation will begin corrective activities after this Winter. Spring is looking good for that to happen. Don’t let the Media get you down. Or the aromatic negativity aroma of others get you down. Or inflation.

Need a Job? Go get one!