“Onboard Newsletter” for SS MARINE RAVEN, a Liberty Troop Carrier Ship during WWII dated 29 August 1945. Very Interesting.

If you like History like I do, you love to find a gem in the rough. This is the First Historical Document I ever found on this Ship. My father was a Sailor aboard the SS MARINE RAVEN. During his shift, he spent half of It shoveling Coal for the Boiler and the Other half as a Radarman 3. But he cooked at times like all of them did. And he taught us how to break eggs And put in a pan using an egg in each hand. It sped up cooking for six.

But take a moment and read both sides of the Document. The War is coming to an End. And everyone wants to know when they can go home for good. And The Points are explained. And

There is a nice Article Thanking the ones who had the grisly task of accepting and identifying the Dead Bodies of American Troops. A sad, but necessary task.

And what’s on the plate to eat? It’s there too. Yes, it’s the same Document. One might read better than the other. But this is the first I found on the Internet And It was being SOLD on Ebay. So, I bought it and got it today.

This is the ONLY document I have ever found being Sold anywhere that was Printed on this Ship. A wonderful Find.