Every day I get algorithms that line the day up with just plain old political BULLSHIT! All day long, I get hit with one YouTube Video about Trump and I’m sick of it. It’s irritating as Hell. And I can’t get CHEAP LAND SALES off my back either. I’ve even written them. It’s pure Horseshit. Every Site I go to has Cheap Land Sale Advertising. And you cannot get them to QUIT! Just look up one thing to buy on the Internet and it’ll follow you for weeks.

And let’s Face the Truth. I do not believe China will be invading Taiwan. I do not believe Russia will Invade Ukraine. It’s just POSTERING for the benefit of their People. You know. So they think their Leader got BALLS. And stuff like that. It’s Crap Politicians do.

And the January 6 Committee is trying to find out the truth. But they don’t want none of us to EVER know the Truth. It’s the JFK Files all over again. It is and it stinks. It’s a Potty Training Exercise on Who can stay in their Depends Pampers for the Longest time. Without shimmering.

But dang it. Don’t worry you little heads at all. It’s the Holiday season and do enjoy it. I’ve been to FOUR Covid Funeral of Friends and people sbuystill keep patting themselves on their back for shutting down Vaccines for the Hardheaded Crowd. It’s just a few who don’t get Vaccinated in every crowd. Tough Tobacco Chewing Southern White Folks. And all I’ve ever known who chewed or smoked GOT CANCER! And 90% Died.

And it’s all about Do What You Want to Do! Everybody wanting to be Internet ROCK STARS. Lol

Who have you talked Good about Today? If none, get busy saying good things about others! Kill your Algorithms! If possible! They’ll just keep you Angry!