Christmas Shopping’s Bestest Gift-A Panther’s Father, a Book

The author-James Brown

I personally want to wish each of you a very Happy Christmas 2021. I know the past couple of years have been a very Trying upon you and your family. It’s been rough for all. And with all of this comes many who are lost and looking for Hope. And my heart goes out to all who have lost a loved one due to Covid. It’s such a sad Tragedy losing our loved ones during this most discouraging time. But I want all to know that we will get thru this together and we will be stronger. But each of us know a certain person that needs something special this Christmas Season and that’s where my book comes in-A Panther’s Father. And what makes this book so unique is that it offers the reader a chance to find Hope between the pages of a Real Novel. No, I’m not talking the average easy, simple read on your Kindle.

When I was young, I learned to read and enjoy Novels and not the simple Trade Books that could be read in a matter of a few hours. And once the book is over, it’s over. And there’s so much more joy reading in a Novel while a character is developed right before your eyes. And you get attached. And nothing will break your heart with love than reading about Granny Z and her enjoyable Stories she tells. And there’s a lot of Drama and Despair. But the Books in this Series offers HOPE. Hope like you’ve never read before.

So, for that highly discriminating person that is always difficult to get a gift for, pull out your Credit Card and Buy the Book and wrap it and put it under the Christmas Tree. I promise you. You will not be making a negative investment and by the time your gift receiver finishes the Book, they will be so very Happy that they made this Author’s Journey. Just do it. It won’t bite you.

And the other two in the Series-

Tell them Santa Claus gave it to them! And make an Old Man Happy! Your purchase does help me a little for this Old Man and his Retirement and I have so much I’d like to do like buy some better and good food. God Bless you!