WWII Combat Engineers and December 7th!

I’m always brought back mindfully on December 5th and December 7th. WWII was not a Joke. My father and grandfather and all my Uncles and one Aunt were in it. And the Nation sacrificed by rationing most everything.

The entire arrangement of World Governments came about from the Brave Sacrifices of both men and women, both Combatants and Civilians.

And yet Today, China is ready for War. And yet Today Russia is ready for War. But War is all Hell. ALL HELL!

Here’s a read about one of my Uncles who was in the real Stuff and I remember his nightmare stories and No, I did not pass them on. Why? Young People today don’t or won’t believe you. And you’re not their Cell Phone or ”ON” it. So, you lose. We’re set for another War-