Crime Report

Of the 8,879,728 offenses reported in 7,560,867 incidents, 60.5% were crimes against property; 25.2% were crimes against persons; and 14.3% were crimes against society.

  • Of these victims, 23.8% were between 26 and 35 years old.
  • A little more than half (50.6%) were female; 48.7% were male; and the gender of 0.8% of victims was unknown.
  • Most victims (66.9%) were white; 24% were Black or African American;
    1.9% were Asian; 0.8% were American Indian or Alaska Native; and 0.2% were Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander. The race of 6.2% of victims was unknown.
  • Data captured about the relationship of victims to their offenders show that just over half (50.1%) of the victims knew their offenders (or at least one offender when more than one was present) but did not have a familial relationship to them.

Approximately one quarter (24.7%) of the victims were related to their offenders (or at least one offender when more than one was present). Of the remaining 25.2% of victims, the relationships to their offenders were categorized as strangers, mutual combatants (victim was offender), or unknown.

Law enforcement agencies submitted data to the UCR Program through incident reports and arrest reports for 3,621,299 arrestees. Not even 50% were caught?

  • Of these offenders, 38.2% were between 21 and 35 years of age.
  • By gender, most offenders (62.1%) were male; 24.2% were female; and the gender for 13.7% of known offenders was unknown.
  • By race, more than half (50.8%) of known offenders were white; 29.6% were Black or African American; and 2.2% were of other races. The race was unknown for 17.4% of reported known offenders.