Are you a Spreader of Sperm?

Life can be challenging and with today’s challenges comes great choices. Let’s flip the script and look at it backwards, shall we? One is How would I like to be remembered? As a good person. As a person thought highly of. As a person few liked. As a person that people hated. Or even worse?. But let’s flip the script even further and see words as Sperm. Yes, Word Sperm.

And a huge upheaval on the social ladder simply comes by never letting Do you ever say anything good about others? Never? Not hardly. Never Could’da, Would’da? But I didn’t do the Crime you keep saying. Are we mean to look at this? Words in an odd way be like invisible sperm in the air entering into our ears. And when they go into other people ears, they get pregnant from you. Did you mean to get them pregnant? Your words impregnated them. Was that what you meant to do? Or were you doing this antisocial behavior all your life like playing nothing but Antisocial LP Records. So, you could say you were impregnated with Record Sperm. Thousands of years from now, others will still be getting impregnated with Record Sperm. That’s very interesting. Or is it sad? The same words that impregnated you will do the same to others in the millions.

But what clever Sperm Weeds Did they use on you? Yes, you must have been hit with them too. Was it a generational thing? It might have started when you got impregnated on the schoolyard with schoolyard sperm. Maybe when you didn’t get a pint of Chocolate Milk. Don’t worry, neither did I. We were poor, but Happy and Clean folks. We lived without many things. We didn’t have a TV until 1962. And we had a portable Record Player in 1961 and No Radio. Not a radio at all. All my parents life, they never had a Radio until when I bought a Console Stereo that had Radio, LP Record Player, And 8-Track Tape player. I bought it after I got back home from my Overseas Deployment. But that pint of milk.

Your pint wasn’t given to you because your parents didn’t give you the money. You know, that nickel for that long swig of ice cold milk on that hit recreation yard. And so, the Silent Sperms entered your ear as other kids began saying you was a poor child. And you knew you were. Hey. It’s okay to be poor, but hibernating in your room most of your life always running away from your problems may have set you up to being how you are right now. And get this correct now. At no time were you playing with the children of Rich Kids. Super Rich wouldn’t allow such a possibility because they want to Limit which Sperm Goes into the ears of their kids. But no matter what, You may have become an antisocial animal. Your similarities with the Rich only comes with the Fact that you put your pants on one foot at a time. One sock at a time. One shoe at a time. The rest isn’t the same.

But exactly how are you? You know. On Santa’s naughty List? Tired of getting lumps of Coal? He discovered your sour nature long ago. Somehow. Someway. You op-ed off the mainstream of Happiness and normalcy. And millions have too. in many ways, the World has regressed back to the same says of Hangings and such with the same mentality. Sperm entered their Ears. Maybe from someone whom they admire. You’ve never realized such things take place. But it does. It’s just like eating poor nourishment and you get a health issue with it. From it.

But simply saying Good things about others demonstrates a Mature Mind.

A mind that is fully developed and not broken by the discussion of others. And even poor health helps create individuals unwilling to say good about others. Elderly do it too. When you don’t have the means for living the life you used to live because of Age and dwindling Income Resources. You sometimes are unaccepting and become a Spreader of Aged Sperm-the worse form altogether. But they still have a Choice of what comes out of their mouths. All of us do. We have a Choice.

Before my mother passed, she took me on a three hour tour of where she was raised up. And at about halfway in the trip, she had me stop at a graveyard. And we got out And she walked straight up to one Grave. I expected it to be kinfolk. But wasn’t that at all. She shook. Her body actually was shaking just standing there. But Why?

She showed me this one Grave and before I could say the woman’s name out loud. My mother covered my lips with her hands As I read the Tombstone and my mom said-Don’t say her name, she was a Witch. And I looked at my mother and I could see in her face that she believed what she had just said.

But she forbid herself from talking about her when I asked-How do you know she was a Witch?

Back in those days, people were still being hanged for horse or cattle theft. But, I never got another word about the woman or girl who was actually a girl when she died and I found that out too later. But nothing more. So. I guessed she wasn’t liked or played with by my mother or the other country children that lived in the Area. It was a small Country Community. To be accused of Witchery and was she Guilty? How did she act as she was Impregnated by the nasty sperm rumors of others? After all, talking nothing but bad words about a person or family can easily be cause for a sad ostracized event until Death do they part.

But did you ever pick on another child? Or an adult? Not ever talking good about others is part of the same mentality. Praise the Strong and ostracize the weak. Which did you do? Do now?

But enough said. Before you talk about others like a Gossiping Witch, try saying something Good about others and see what Happens in return.

Recently, my wife and I sent Hickory Farm Gift packages to family members because We Love them. Once you Love someone, you can not ever Not Love them no matter what.

You know. In the Military, I can remember those who were Liked a lot and those who weren’t. The ones who weren’t had difficulty in social settings and they’d say awkward and out of place things. They drew err looks upon themselves. They must have had been impregnated with lots of various Sperms from Others.

So. Keep your Word Sperm to yourself. Unless Good! Right? Know how to get along. Relearn it. It can be done. Kind and good words spoken are worthy of great minds of thought. And the most liked and loved do this all the time without reservation. So try it. You might like it.