Interesting Air Force Korean War Movie-


During the Korean War, United States Air Force Captain John Merrill (John Ireland) is the pilot of a Boeing B-29 Superfortress bomber. Merrill is based in Okinawa and is ordered to destroy a Yalu River bridge in Korea. The mission is continually delayed due to bad weather. His co-pilot (Bill Williams) has to step in when the bored and frustrated crew members begin to fight over Sammi (Marla English), a local woman who is employed as a laundress at their base.

When the weather finally clears over the target, Merrill is ordered to attack the strategic bridge, but with only cloud cover as his protection. The North Koreans are prepared, and antiaircraft guns hit the bomber as it descends out of the clouds. The attack is a success, but some crew members are killed, including “Jockey” (Chet Baker), the popular trumpeter of the base. Others on board are wounded. Merrill has to contend not only with the damaged bomber, but also flying through a deadly storm.

The bomber returns to base with extensive damage and only one engine still working, so Merrill has to make a “pancake” landing.[Note 2] The survivors make it back in time to hear the announcement of Sammi’s engagement to one of the crew, Sgt. “Buddy” Lewis (Larry Pennell).