Korean War Movie when the Korean War was almost over and China threw in a HUGE ARMY to keep the War going on for Three more Years! China attempted to annihilate all NATO Forces when the War was almost Over. And then they claimed they had nothing to do with it saying that they were Volunteers. Volunteers Hell! They were Fully Trained Military Soldiers! And you want to Trust the Chinese? Why?


The film tells the story in flashbacks of a bottle of scotch carried by a World War II Marine lieutenant and Korean War captain, Sam MacKenzie. His girl Anne gives it to him in 1942, but tells him to save it for a very special occasion. She asks him to marry her before he ships out to the fighting, but he does not want to risk making her a widow. While on leave in Melbourne, Sam meets Kitty and considers a dalliance, but leaves when he learns she has a husband who may be a Japanese prisoner of war or dead. When he returns to Anne, he is disgusted to find she has acquired a major as an admirer. However, they get things straightened out and marry.

During the Korean War, Sam’s Easy Company, 2nd Battalion7th Marine RegimentFirst Marine Division, is pursuing the fleeing North Korean Army and looking forward to going home. However, Sam is informed by his superior that the Chinese have entered the war, so they will have to conduct a “fighting withdrawal”. Sam is ordered to provide flank protection for the regiment.

That night, the Chinese attack in battalion strength and almost overrun the company, but artillery fire drives them back. The retreat over the next few days is a nightmare of ambushes and mounting losses. His last remaining officer, Lieutenant Couzens, is wounded. Finally, the men are too tired to go on, so Sam uses his bottle of scotch … as incentive for once they rejoin their side. They eventually have to abandon their last few vehicles, but throughout, Sam insists that none of the wounded be left behind, even if they have to carry them. While dealing with an enemy tank, Sam is shot. An American helicopter spots them and is able to evacuate the most seriously wounded, including Sam. The rest, along with the bottle entrusted to them, reach friendly lines under the leadership of Sergeant Ekland. Once they are safe, Ekland offers the men the scotch, but nobody wants to drink it, feeling it has been lucky for them. The bottle is returned to Sam, who is still saving it for an important occasion.