America by 2050-a Drama like Never Before.

Look Closely! Take a real good look. This is what we’re not being Told-

Look very closely.

And then think about massive unbelievable Hydraulics Power. When the water on the North and South Pole Melt and the Water around the World rises in Levels. There will then be another round of massive pressure pushing downward and inwards. And what happens then?

As this great pressure pushes downward and in all directions, except up, the Continents will be pushed upwards and what was once shall return again…similar to popping a Pimple. And then the Top will separate causing a return to a Period many, many thousands of years ago. Volcanos will be erupting everywhere and if enough we got, the air will become unbreathable to earthlings. Maybe like what took out the Dinosaurs. Yes, there’s always room for conjecture on what Killed Off the Dinosaurs. First, thousands of Volcanos erupting, then a Sky completely darkened with ash, and then the World’s Ice Age starting anew. Not a pretty picture, but man cannot reel in Greed and just being human with all the jealousy that comes with it. Who knows, maybe the Dinosaurs will return without us. Lol