Omicron! Be Concerned, NOT PANICKED! But maybe ‘Super Concern’ Soon!

Please Read all of this because the Script is flipped near the End before the Chart. Going from a Being Concerned for the Omicron Variant to possibly being SUPER CONCERNED about maybe the Deadliest thus far!

NEWS straight out of South Africa is here. But one interesting NOTE is that THERE IS NO KNOWN CASES OF SEVERE COVID OR DEATH from this New Variant. And there are No Cases of anyone with this Variant losing their sense of SMELL or TASTE! I find this very interesting because the lack of SMELL and taste seems to me to most definitely be a more serious Variant. But this one doesn’t do that. And no cases of Severe Covid Like hospitalizations and death surprises me. Doesn’t it surprise you too? So, just maybe, Maybe this Variant is not going to be the Big One everyone is worried about. And they are slamming Birders shut very quickly from certain Countries. But dang, it’s got to be super Transmissible because out if one plane load of people, that plane had 50% onboard with Omicron.

But then I found other News about Omicron that shows it might be the Deadliest! Yet!

Hospitalizations across the country have increased 63 percent since the beginning of November, according to data from the country’s National Institute for Communicable Diseases. In Gauteng, a province that includes the nation’s largest city, Johannesburg, hospitalizations are up nearly 400 percent since the beginning of the month, from 120 for the week ending Nov. 6 to 580 for the week ending Saturday. And you can give into the Official just below-from Africa-

Nov 9A sample that would contain the new variant is collected in Botswana.
Nov 11Variant is sequenced. A man, double-jabbed with Pfizer, arrives in Hong Kong from South Africa, via Qatar.
Nov 13The Hong Kong man tests positive in hotel quarantine.
Nov 14-23From 71 positive samples in a South African province, around 50 have the variant.
Nov 18Eight days into his quarantine, a second Hong Kong man tests positive, in the room opposite the first case.
Nov 22Both Hong Kong cases found to have identical genetic sequences. Female traveller with no southern African connections tests positive for COVID-19 in Belgium.
Nov 24South Africa reports the variant to WHO.
Nov 26WHO declares it a variant of concern, calls it omicron. Belgium confirms the woman has the variantIsrael identifies the variant in traveller from Malawi.
Nov 27Britain, Italy, Germany and Czech Republic confirm cases. Dutch authorities are sequencing 61 COVID-19 cases among 600 passengers from South Africa, while Denmark investigates two potential cases.
Nov 28Two cases, both from southern Africa, identified among passengers who arrived in Sydney on Saturday evening.

So, it’s already got a hold on the World by the Airlines transporting infected people. And no one knows who has this particular Variant when they get sick unless it’s tested for.