Was it a Mexican Cartel or Russian BILLIONAIRE? Or a Leprechaun’s Pot of Gold? Who gave Trump $200 Million Dollars in CASH?

I pick the Leprechaun’s Pot of Gold! Lol…

Lol…this still remains one of the most amusing Cases in Scottish History. The Money Mystery. When a Plane Lands and it has $61-$200 Million Dollars in CASH in it to pay for the most famed Scotland Real Estate, what do ya rethink? Mafia Money? REAL ESTATE GOT SO MUCH of the Money and whose Greedy hands had to be oiled with cash as well? Oh, Hell yeah they did. They always do. I mean, doesn’t’s fit seeks mighty Big QUESTIONS? For little people, but Big Fish swimming in the Big Pond know the real Secrets that ants like you and I won’t get to know. No, it’s all tied up in BULLSHIT COURTS with pretty and slimy Lawyer snail mail Tactics…where Time seems to halt altogether.

Wanna really find out? Wanna know the truth? You’ll have better Luck reading the Full JFK Files that won’t happen in our Lifetimes because they are all LIARS! ALL LIARS! And their assholes are like Vacuum Cleaners sucking Fresh Green Money up the Butt Hole. And the Rich know Who takes Money and Who DOESN’T. But all Politicians DO! THEY ARE ALL LIARS! When you corner one, they’ll come out Lying every time. Taking them to Court is a JOKE. THE BIGGEST JOKE EVER!

But when American Banks won’t give you a Loan and Deutsche Banks won’t either. Then who the Hell gonna do it? Look at dearest Son In Law and see where the Hell he’s getting his New Money for his latest Venture? Try them Rich Folks with all the Oil. Man, sit on a stick and rotate. Who the Hell can do that where No One Else will give you money? But it looks like he’s gonna get it and what are they going to do with that Money? Is it another ACN scam Job? What will be do for them? You know how it works, don’t YOU? He’ll buy Real Estate for them too.


A Scottish judge on Thursday shot down attempts to force the government to investigate former President Donald Trump’s purchase of two golf courses there, leaving the matter in the hands of the nation’s top prosecutor.

Just as in the United States, where politicians have failed to hold Trump accountable and it’s fallen on local prosecutors to pursue separate investigations, in Scotland the pressure to act is now squarely on Lord Advocate Dorothy Bain.

He’s a Mastermind of Real Estate Deals. He knows whose palms have to be GREASED and he’s got the Cheddar to grease them with. But the shit gets so gosh darn weird…

Adding to the mystery, the golf course has yet to deliver a single profitable year, according to company filings. And for two years now, the American nonprofit watchdog Avaaz has pushed the Scottish government to employ their “unexplained wealth order” to force Trump to explain where he got the cash to pay for this bottomless money pit. Really? Having no money and suddenly, he forks over a Huge was of CASH?

Was this Cartel Money? Was this Russian Money?


Both have received “baby glove” treatment and it seems apparent why? But not just by him But by others as well. But didn’t anyone notice that? And the Millions he is gathering right now from Supporters when He hasn’t announced a Run for Presidency. So, WTF? Giving him yo Money when he is pocketing it into his OWN personal ACCOUNTS. ITS HIS MONEY! YOU GAVE IT TO HIM with no strings attached. Lol. Nice move for sure. Way to go…


Where Did Donald Trump Get Two Hundred Million Dollars (CASH) to Buy His Money-Losing Scottish Golf Club?

Depending on which Source you read, $61-$200 Million magically appeared and like a Poker Player, the House now wants to review where he got the Money? Where? Loans weren’t available and he walks in and slams down a HUGE chunk of CASH.

And the damn Resort has NEVER made any money as shown by the Books or are the Books being Cooked? Sure, it’s done all the time and WHY? Because you can Hide alot if you understand Gains and Losses. It’s just too funny. Way too funny! He’s done it and so what? He’s the DON and he’ll never be caught.

He’ll come in and lift all your money and then Slip out the back door and you’ll never Catch him. And Nobody gets their Money Back. Not really. Lol.

Prices aren’t Bad either at Trump Turnberry

Lol…But it’s a funny thing to guess where He got the Doe! What’s your Guess? And it’s obvious, he ain’t paying it back. Lol…

But here’s the Scottish Described-

A certain type of public drunkenness that comes with a belligerent attitude and that has no sense of self awareness around young children is the one thing in Scotland that I find truly embarrassing. NB I am not against fun, drinking alcohol, or swearing in an appropriate social context but in the public street in the middle of the day and in front of other people’s children is coarse and shows my native country in a poor light. Scotland and Scots are on the whole better than that, but there is enough of such behaviour to justify a certain negative stereotype of the belligerent foul mouthed drunken Scot both male and to a lesser extent female.