“I have received information that a coup will happen in our country on 1 December,” the Ukrainian president said in a lengthy news conference.

“I have received information that a coup will happen in our country on 1 December,” the Ukrainian president said in a lengthy news conference.


Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky says Russian “representatives” are planning to overthrow his government next week, as a Russian troop build-up sparks fears of an invasion.

Get Ready! We Gonna COUP You!

And if you don’t think things are heating-up, just read this👇


The Biden administration is weighing sending military advisers and new equipment including weaponry to Ukraine as Russia builds up forces near the border and US officials prepare allies for the possibility of another Russian invasion, multiple sources familiar with the deliberations tell CNN.

The discussions about the proposed lethal aid package are happening as Ukraine has begun to warn publicly that an invasion could happen as soon as January. The package could include new Javelin anti-tank and anti-armor missiles as well as mortars, the sources said.

Air defense systems, such as stinger missiles, are also under consideration, and the Defense Department has been pressing for some equipment that would have gone to Afghanistan — like Mi-17 helicopters — to instead be sent to Ukraine. 

So, how Serious could this be? All of this could mean a 1st Strike! A Preemptive Nuclear Attack by Russia to keep us in the dark as to what the hell is going on in the rest of the World. While we are Dead Silent in Communications! And Putin has now become that sick in his Brain! That sick!


The head of Ukraine’s military intelligence told the Military Times outlet this weekend that Russia had more than 92,000 soldiers amassed around Ukrainian borders and is preparing for an attack at the end of January or beginning of February.

Kyrylo Budanov said such an offensive would likely involve air raids, artillery and armoured attacks followed by airborne assaults in the east, amphibious assaults in Odesa and Mariupol and a smaller incursion through neighbouring Belarus.

So, we have a week or one to two months and the War in Ukraine may EXPLODE! And we may get NUKED!

If you fully understand the real Benefits of a First Strike being done by your Country. Then you’d understand what it does to the Other Country and their abilities to compete. It’s unthinkable or it is a fine thing by a Madman who dreams of Nuking you every day.

Hopefully you are home when we get NUKED so you can watch it all go down. The next EMERGENCY BROADCAST on TV We See may be the Realist one you ever Heard.