Trump’s SECRET WORLD of Secret Finances under Severe Scrutiny in Scotland? He’ll Win, he always does!

This has been brewing or simmering in the Legal Courts in Scotland. But will they BUCKLE under the Fingernails of the 45th? But doesn’t matter, all of Trump’s dealings are above Reproach. Right?

…former President Donald Trump to go through something he dreads and has successfully avoided for years back home: a financial colonoscopy.

Lord Sandison, the judge overseeing the case, will decide whether the Scottish government can use a new anti-money laundering tool to investigate how Trump suddenly came up with $60 million (rumors have been flying that either Putin gave him this money or GOP Supporters paid for it unbeknownst to them) in CASH to buy (a plane delivered it in the middle of the night, unloaded the Cash, and then flew away?) and establish the Trump Turnberry golf resort in 2014.

44 Page Court Document about Legalities on Trump’s Scotland Dealings


Trump and Epstein’s friendship reportedly soured after they fought over a $41 million Palm Beach mansion. 2 weeks after the home’s auction, cops received a tip about underage women at Epstein’s house. Who gave up the Tip? Trump is Suspect No.1 as Epstein’s Snitch. But who Cares? He ain’t a man of VENGEANCE or is he?