I believe Epstein Was Assassinated!

I worked in Administrative Segregation for OVER ten years in Texas Prisons. After reading the Below Article, I’m more convinced he was Murdered than before.


In Short-Staffed Jail, Epstein Was Left Alone for Hours; Guard Was Substitute

Only one of the two people guarding Jeffrey Epstein normally worked as a correctional officer, according to three prison officials.

But his Neck was Bruised! There WAS AN ORDER in place that HE HAD TO HAVE A CELLMATE. And had none? Who organized that? Real Evidence? Or just a Sex Trafficker got what’s coming to him?

This Stinks of Assassination! Who Had Him Killed? Who had the Most to Lose?

There are many who still suspect Trump being behind this Murder. But was he? Could he? For one, you’d HAVE to have the Money and a Secret Network Connection to those who could Make such a Murder take place. Have any of the Three now got access to Millions of Dollars in the Cayman Islands?

Or was a Hit man allowed in, Did the Deed, and Exited?

You might say No Way! But the irregularities point to real Murder Possibilities. But if so, who was involved in it?