Humongous Number of People! Not Planning to get the Covid Booster! $187,000 Fine!


17.8%. That’s the percentage of U.S. adults who have already received a booster shot, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as compared with 70.7% of adults  who are fully vaccinated with their initial vaccine series.

But very troubling is that 20% aren’t planning to get the Booster Shot. And how many Millions is that? So, many that it hurts my brain to even consider the that Humongous Number of People! I think it’s higher that won’t get it.—but-20-of-vaccinated-americans-might-not-get-one-polls-show/amp/

And as fast as the Covid Vaccinations WANE after getting them and without a Covid Booster Shot, the 2-Dose Vaccinated after six-10 Months are Going to be The Most Dangerous to themselves and their Families and others. Let’s say after 10 months, the Covid Vaccinated which might be you are then only ?% effective against getting Covid. That’s a New ?% that makes you infectable. Actually it’s Higher because No Covid Shot was 100% Effective against getting Covid. But all we keep hearing is that the Shots start Waning after so long. And each person isn’t the same.

By the end time beyond Six Months, the Covid Protection is going to be way down ? and with everyone NOT MASKING, Covid Cases are going to ZOOM SKYWARD! And so will the Death Rates. And with Cold Weather knocking at the Door, people Indoors are going to be Share-Breathing the same Air as those around you. And that means everyone Unvaccinated and those Vaccinated with their Shots way past the 8 month Range, come January-April, Covid will be Blasting thru the Record Books. AGAIN! And when that Happens, who are you going to BLAME?

Well, Hell, You’ll BLAME Biden for that too because Blaming Biden for Everything is the New Very Orchestrated plan to Lower His APPROVAL RATINGS! It’s being Done by Planned Strategies from Allies of the 45th.

You’re a fool if you think differently. But Who Cares? No one does anymore. Right? Well, it sure seems that way. But, who cares? No one! But it’s looking bad for the Winter.

Let’s Hope Not! But it appears that 38% of Republicans are now saying THEY WILL NOT GET THE BOOSTER and this will put all of 🇺🇸 Over the Hump on which Year had the most infections and Most Deaths.

People are slightly misconfused about what the Hell they read and Do. Getting your TO DO LIST from a YouTube Video of a Trump Rally seems a poor choice to me when the What To Do is feeding misinformation. But you go ahead and Get all Your Information from those You Believe and Trust. And if Trump is In Whom You Trust, then so be it and I ain’t gonna try to change your mind at all. You just go right on Believing the 45th and do as he says. And here’s a Hoot-

☝How Kyle Rittenhouse went from cleaning graffiti to shooting 3 people

But honestly, what’s your Spin on The 45th Meeting with Rittenhouse? The Fame GAME is so fickle. It’s like the Kid did something Unbelievable. He Killed Two People. He shit a 3rd. Bringing an AR-15 to Protect a Vacant Lot? Did he really need to Bring his Gun? Or in this case, His Mom’s Gun? There’s even Talk about putting him on a Postage Stamp if some things happen in 2024. Are we that type of Society where we Revel with our Protest Killers? I mean, the Court said or I thought I heard the Judge say Case Is Dismissed with Prejudice. What’s that With Prejudice mean? But that’s nothing.

In the formal legal world, a court case that is dismissed with prejudice means that it is dismissed permanently. A case dismissed with prejudice is over and done with, once and for all, and can’t be brought back to court. A case dismissed without prejudice means the opposite. It’s not dismissed forever. I guess this means even by any other Court even if the man one day says he went deliberately to KILL Himself some Protestors? But I’m sure he wouldn’t do that or would he one day? It is mind-confusing for sure. To Kill Two Protectors and Shoot a Third and being glorified as a National Hero? I find it confusing for sure. I guess I’m not fully seeing something here. Are you fully satisfied on How that went down? Or is this another O.J. Simpson Verdict? It’s crazy wild the stuff I’m seeing Posted.

For me, I have to flow with Verdict as the Jurors saw it. But I don’t like the 45th using him to keep himself in the Media as Usual. That is a Sickness. Isn’t it? Or good Game keeping you in Fame? I don’t know cause I’m not famous and don’t want to be….lol. It’s all quite amusing for sure…

Oh well, enough Said for sure and hey, I don’t know nothing for sure, do you?

Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!

$187,000 Fine!