E.L. JAMES offered me some very Kind Words to encourage me to Complete the Full Final Step of Publication of A Panther’s Father IV.

After I Retired, I got caught up in this Limbo World of the Covid Pandemic. And I’ve been sitting on A Panther’s Father Book IV. Yes, just sitting on the 4th Book in the Series. With Fear climbing on my Shoulders. And why?

  1. Four Book Cover Designers have FAILED me. One I paid for a Book Cover and it SUKED. That one was from Pakistan. One from Italy let me down too. And Two from 🇺🇸 have reasons of why they cannot-One has No Time. The Other is too busy working on her past Orders for her Artwork Online.
  2. I’ve bled my SOUL into the 4th Book. It has sexual encounters. Beautiful ones that Readers gave said are True Love and Beautiful. But I’m worried about the Publisher refusing to Publish them. Trying desperately not to USE the wrong words to keep it BLOCKED. And the Feedback from my Readers. It’s a Risk either way. But the sexual encounters are from a young me and written as Fiction, but they did take place and the beauty of those encounters are stuck in my Mind, stuck in my Head and I wanted to share them before I could no longer share them.

So, I took a gamble and was looking for just a twinkle of Hope to help Inspire me to go on and Accept My Fears and just do it. So, I wrote someone who is Actually someone in the Writer’s World-

E.L. JAMES who wrote Fifty Shades of Grey. And below is what I wrote her and her Response. Her Kind Response.

No, this is in no way an endorsement of My Books or me as a Writer by E.L. James. But was so nice to get her Response. And now, I am thinking of doing the Stupid-Doing the Book Cover Design Myself. I fear that too. And I’ve been tossing around some Ideas.

But here are two Reads for you and they are Unchanged! Exactly as Written.

James Brown (@JamesBr49379086) Tweeted:
@E_L_James Hello, I have written my 1st Book with real Love in it between couples.  It is A Panther’s Father Book IV.  And I’m afraid to send it to Publisher for FEAR of them possibly unwilling to Publish. I’m lost in Doubt…sorry to write you https://t.co/u2Jp5yIs3d https://twitter.com/JamesBr49379086/status/1462977578097000454?s=20 

And her response-

E L James 💙 (@E_L_James) Tweeted:
@JamesBr49379086 Good luck with it… and as #SusanJeffers said ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway.’ https://twitter.com/E_L_James/status/1463097071393812487?s=20