Alabama’s Magical MOJO is Broken!

It’s not the same Alabama Team that has existed Year after Year. Winning the National Title Year after Year. Well, it’s clear that by Watching just these Three Games that a Learned Person can Tell that Alabama has lost her Magical MOJO! Sabin isn’t the same either. He’s turned COMMERCIAL. He’s got Money Flowing in his veins now. But his Team now lacks that Fullness. That Richness that they exhibited in past Years. Mark My Words. Alabama has become a Beatable Team. Very Beatable. Just Watch the Three Games and Compare them to the Past. They are lacking. They’re like a Knight whose Sword has turned Rusty. I believe that their yearly National Title Runs have Ended. The Magical Transfer Portal cannot Save them now because once the Mojo is lost, it takes Generations to regain it…if EVER?