Does this Sound Right to You?

How can any GOP Politicians VOTE with their Conscience if they are AFRAID of the 45th? How can any of them VOTE any other Way except by Voting the 45TH WAY? In other words? Does this seem right to you? Putting Fear in them the right way to go? I’ve never seen any ex-President so hellbent on destroying President Biden and all things Democratic in the Mainstream Media.

I believe this Activity is hurting Our Country. Dear God, give the man a chance. More AMERICANS VOTED FOR BIDEN and Put him in Office than those that Voted to keep the 45th in Office. It wasn’t because of Election Lies. That’s Old Bullshit that’s been completely Proven False.

But the 45th keeps Attacking and Attacking and Attacking and even telling Politicians How to Vote or THEY TOO Will BE PUT IN THE 45TH’S BLACK BOOK. Or on His GOT TO GET YOU OUT OF OFFICE CAMPAIGN.

I’m sorry, I cannot be part of any Party where the Candidates are strictly Loyalists AFRAID to do what they believe will help the Most of Americans. Most Americans and NOT just Billionaires.

This is like having Halloween all Year long and the 45th is the Warlock.

I’m still PISSED that I had Four Men and Two Women ASK ME WHO I WAS VOTING FOR in person in front of my Own Home on Election Day. That’s Pure Voter Intimidation! And they all had New Farmer Jones Overalls on, Red Shirts, and Red MAGA Caps on their Heads. All were White and sporting Beer Bellies. And one said-

Sir, Who are You Voting For? We’re Here to make sure you are Voting for the Right person.

I’m still pissed about that. And it was a scary moment that did make me feel Fear.

They had No Right to do that. But you may think different. Imagine them fools coming to your Home and they are putting Fear in your Heart. It was Scary! Damn Scary! I bet it feels similar in 3rd World Countries where The Ruling Order stands at Polling Places with their Automatic Weapons and Fixed Elections.

The 45th is turning this into a 3rd World Country by using Banana Republic Tactics against all he deems his RINOS. This is one Scary Man whom I believe is Dangerous using Hoffa Tactics. What else do you call them?

We cannot ALLOW any one person to FIX THE SYSTEM or RIG THE SYSTEM and that is what he Is doing by his Intimidation Tactics. Don’t you Agree?

But if all of this is allowed to take place with No Serious Opposition, then America might Wake-Up one morning to a Totally different Country ran by one Man and those that FEAR him. It can Happen HERE

And in the News-

  • Former President Trump is actively seeking to oust Gov. Kay Ivey from office, according to The WSJ.
  • The former president reportedly blames Ivey for a summer rally that was set to be held in Mobile.
  • Trump’s plan is to convince a GOP candidate to end her Senate bid and instead primary Ivey.

Former President Donald Trump is reportedly angling to oust Republican Gov. Kay Ivey of Alabama from office because he faults her for a canceled rally that was set to be held this summer in the deeply-conservative state, according to The Wall Street Journal.