“be armed, be dangerous, and be moral”…it is “disgusting” that prominent GOP officials are “trying to profit” from his client’s case and acquittal.

Which person in these Pics will be able to pull their Gun out of its Holster and Shoot at YOU ? First?



Which one should I USE First? This is my Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Gun. I call Him Grumpy.

Profit? Profit? Profit? Profits! Can I get a Hell Yeah for PROFITS! But some are always gonna be crying-

it is “disgusting” that prominent GOP officials are “trying to profit” from his client’s case and acquittal.

Lol…and all I want to know is How any of this might impact how Teenagers see this? Will Copycatting burst to America’s Street Scene? Will Chicago Or another town going to go Full Blown Gun Warfare between any Suspected Bad Person and the Teenager Vigilantes? In small to LARGE GROUPS? Let’s move the Violent Video Games from the Living Rooms and try them in the Streets? Maybe a new one-RitttttenHouse American Vigilante?

I mean here in Texas, I’ve pulled up to traffic lights and I, more than once, heard 4×4 Large Trucks blasting out playing this Texas’s New Open Carry Theme Song-

And in all the pics, imagine that they are all Teenagers. And that they think you are their ENEMY! Sure. There are a ton of those What-If Scenarios. Will We be prepared for the Right One?


Who is US teen cleared of Protest Killings? Now, will Teens with Guns start showing up to all Protests, and hey, They could Kill Innocent Protesters? Doesn’t the U.S. Constitution give 🇺🇸 the right to Protest? Or is the New Vigilantism going to take over?

Hey, I don’t know nothing for sure, do you? Like you, I see some strange possibilities. We’ll just have to wait and see.

I pray all reading this will help keep Protests Peaceful and not encourage or engage in Violence.

Tomorrow is a New Day!

Live it. Make your Life Count for something Good.

A Riot was declared in Portland, Oregon, as demonstrators smashed windows and threatened to burn down the Justice Center

Protests erupt from New York to California after Rittenhouse acquitted on all charges